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  • I was wondering if all the ILS's you see on the Navigation page which turn out to not exist at all once you get to your destination (which can be quite annoying) will be dealt with before the ATC update? I sometimes read (or at least get the idea) the various Navigation problems will all be solved when ATC arrives but I was wondering if a few things couldn't be solved before that already. Also because ATC is still a looooooong time away. (With Navigation problems I mean: all those ILS's that don't exist, not being able to search something on the Navigation page, lack of information like length of runways, the automated FAF, etc.) Isn't it possible to let someone spend a day or so to check the ILS's so the ones that aren't really there will be removed from the sim?

    I just flew into KTRM and planned to land on runway 30: because it has an ILS (108.70 MHz) I supposed that would be the best runway to land on. Turns out (again) that there is no ILS at all and in fact this runway was the shortest one. Of course I landed the plane safely but I find these errors on the Navigation page (and the things that are missing) a bit annoying.

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    I don't think I ever wrote it's going to be there once ATC is there, I'm pretty sure I always wrote: on the way to ATC this might be a byproduct.

    We've already discussed this topic extensively, we're aware of some ILSes that don't work, but we read them from the database, so something is wrong but we don't yet know where to look for.

  • ILS installations are being progressively dropped in favour of various complexities of GPS approach.

    IPACS might look at the newer more sophisticated GPS equipment which can offer ILS like information, from simple non precision (distance based) glide path advice (down to a minimum descent altitude) to highly sophisticated precision low decision height, three dimensional guidance with possible curved approaches, depending on the airbourne and ground based installations.

    Only the top, local augmentation based option requires significant airport expense so ILS will eventually go the way of NDB and VOR and become a limited back-up alternative.

  • I find the FS Widgets tools quite useful in order to find navigation data. One sees immediately on the map which airports do have an ils. All the necessary information like altitude, frequencies, course and length of the runwas can be found. And it is a moving map that can be connected with aerofly fs2.

    Free demo restricted to the San Francisco bay area.



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  • Might it be considered in the future that Navigraph data could be synced with the sim for those with subscriptions? Or that the sim itself could start off with a particular Navigraph set and on the occasion be updated?

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  • People still complain if they select a localiser only approach, see Buchanan 19R on your map.

    What happened to the real world localiser approach to Buchanan in FS2? I used to enjoy it in mobile, it is offset from the runway direction. It vanished for some reason and these suspicious alternative runway ILSs appeared in both PC and mobile, they never showed up in SkyVector and are not in Thomas' map.

    ....Later.... The 19R localiser can be dialed in manually, I had a very pleasant run in both the 320 (using its CDU page for the first time 😀) and in the 737 using the lovely manual dial ADF. The navigation page for Buchanan still looks very odd.

    Thanks for the manual nav control Airbus, I will start to use it a lot more now.

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    Might it be considered in the future that Navigraph data could be synced with the sim for those with subscriptions? Or that the sim itself could start off with a particular Navigraph set and on the occasion be updated?

    We are using some real world database which should be equivalent to what navigraph is providing, just not updated as much, still contains a lot of information. Considering that very few users from our user base will have such a subscription it would just be a waste of programming time.

  • While I am at it: during the last two days alone I had 2 misaligned ILS's, like this one (KCDC) where I am to far to the left. Yesterday I was too far to the right somewhere else. This might also be checked? Of course I'd have corrected this myself in time already but I've left the plane fly on AP this time to make the point clear.

  • SkyVector airport info' is 200 degrees localiser and 202.7 degrees runway.

    The CAT I ILS localiser offset is away from high ground only 3 miles to the left of the final approach and the terrain protected published decision height is 220 feet, 20 feet higher than the system minimum.