F104G Starfighter

  • Well I patted myself on the back too soon.

    Whilst the HUD works on my development machine it crashes FS2 on my games machine in VR. More investigation needed.

    I did manage to get it to work one time, I noticed the missing speed indication is way off to the left and the altitude is where the speed should go, the joys of being a developer


  • Check your tm.log file for errors. Usually aerofly is able to ignore them but not always. E.g. we develop with a more strict version that directly crashes as soon as an input value is not found or when a geometry does not exist. You default aerofly still accepts that but maybe the VR version is a bit more picky?

  • HI Jan

    Rebuilt the HUD in the TMD and it seems to be fine in VR, for the moment. A little dim maybe but where do we adjust this or is it managed by the sim as it seems to have inputted a lot of things in the HUD with me doing anything, just a simple object is all I added

    I am still unable to see the speed box, its off to the left, it's as if the speed and altitude boxes are not centred. I can adjust the complete HUD left and right but I cannot find a way to move just the speed and altitude boxes

    I'm assuming the ttx files are 32*32 (or similar) maps with a single color as they are so small but without access to the originals this is all guess work. Do these texture maps actually perform a function with a HUD.

    Any thoughts or amendments to the files I sent ?


  • Hi Jan

    Moving the target figures does not change the relationship between the pitch ladder/compass readouts and the speed/altitude readouts, it just moves the whols display around unless I'm missing something

    My figures are below. The HUD is longer than wider hence the non square numbers, though changing these to square numbers didn't help either.

    <[tmvector2d][TargetPosition][ 0 0 ]>

    <[tmvector2d][TargetSize] [ 896 768 ]>

    <[tmvector2d][TargetScale] [ 896 768]>

    In the attached screen grabs you can see I need to move just parts of the display not the whole display


  • <[tmvector2d][TargetScale] [ 896 768]>

    This should be whatever your texture size is, e.g. 1024 1024 or 2048 2048

    Internally we compute TargetSize / TargetScale to give us UV coordinates from 0 to 1 again. You could also set the target scale to 1 1 and then enter the uv coordinates directly in the target position and target size values but no designer likes to do that, they work in pixels not fractions of total width and height.

  • Hi Jan and fellow builders

    Target scale is great if you know what size the maps are to begin with, as we don't know what is on a HUD texture and what size it is, its all guess work and seeing what looks ok in the sim hence the weird numbers.

    Any chance we could get a look at the hud_color and hud_light in normal bmp as a ttx tells us nothing. The mbb339 and f18 ttx's are both 2kb, really small for maps or most likely with zero info on them. I get the impression the HUD doesn't require any info on the maps, just a ttx file

    Help is needed badly


  • Coming soon plus a paintkit, so I thought some more liveries would go down well. Just waiting for Jetpack to give it the once over.

    She won't be perfect as my TMD skills are sadly lacking but if we wait for them to improve it could be light years

    But you know, I liken it to the early FSX years, as people slowly came to terms with the sdk. At first, it was a slog, but as the accumulated knowledge was slowly absorbed into the community, content creators became more and more ambitious. Add a few years and stir.........

    Devons rig

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  • I really prefere trying a new plane now, although is not perfectly finalised, than waiting months for a perfect realese...

    I'm sure that the community will help in its improvement and it will be a pleasure to test and to discuss about possible changes.

    For those who would want the perfection at once, nothing obliges them to download it now.

    Thanks so much

  • Rest assured guys she will be uploaded as soon as I can.

    As I mentioned I am waiting for Jetpack to have a look around to see if anything obvious jumps out to be fixed right away, the rest will be upgraded over time. We do have to remember he has a day job bringing us better aircraft and I hope a private life that is much quieter than the day job, so we'll just have to take up golf or yoga or bungee jumping if that's your thing.

    I will also be posting some notes when I upload which I hope you will all read, they should help answer some of your questions, and the paintkit


  • Ok, Jetpack worked his magic, or more like Voodoo, and caused me some extra work in the process . Cured a very dark cockpit so that looks good now, what ya think Jetpack will it do ?

    Test flights later today and if all well I will try to post this evening or tomorrow at the latest


    Nice looking HUD you have there. Amazing accomplishment. I’m stunned. Waiting.

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