Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released!

  • Hello there IPACS,

    I just picked up the latest iPad Pro 11", and see the following:

    1. 747 landing seems to be an issue; landing the the main gear causes the nose to sharply shoot up in the air.

    2. F18 has pixelation in its shadow on the ground, and on the wings during flight.

    3. F15 is the slightest bit jumpy on its landing as well.

    4. With a failed aircraft takeoff, or landing, I select the "back-arrow" (upper left) to start over and a restart sometimes results in a full throttle condition. I lower the throttle to zero, and the speed drops very fast; then I increase to attempt the landing for example (an F15 landing started at 400 knots).

    LOVE the clouds (11" handles them just fine), the braking on aircraft is awesome, am a BIG Dash 8 fan, love the cockpit clarity & shadowing, additional cockpit sounds, Edwards AFB, etc.

    I too, would purchase additional "modules" for Switzerland, NY area, Southern Florida, etc.

    Thank you, Landing69

    (I have Aerofly 1 & 2 for Android also)

  • Hi,

    a few remarks on FS2019 from my side, as I am one of those guys who really bought every version available for the MAC's as well as IOS tablets since the beginning of IPACS.

    • absolutely great SIM for my iPAD pro, stunning graphics without blurry etc., works even better with Apple TV on a large TV screen:-)
    • I am also ok with setting this up as a new product but not an upgrade to FS2, as the software truly takes FS one step further!
    • but why is Switzerland not included??
      • It's already there, nothing has to be programmed
      • It works perfectly on my iPad with FS2
      • so please, make Switzerland available for FS2019 asap*
      • and, just as we are talking already about it, NYC as well, please



    A last remark from a longtime customer:

    If you are planning to make Switzerland available only with an additional purchase, please consider at least a discount for existing owners of that scenery, but better a simple rollout for existing customers (unless you have had relevant cost in programming)

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  • We only need quite modest from-the-runway-view airport buildings, once on taxiways we are no longer using a flight sim, it has become a TRUCK simulator.

    Aero2019 New York and Switzerland are do-able if we can pass, on flights between the skyscrapers and instead get decent crisp textures around the runway approaches which is where it all matters.

    PC and mobile Switzerland really needs a tidy up, even simplified bridges will look fine on an approach, the sagged tape look at Bern has no place in 2019.

  • Hallo Entwickler,

    Potential der Erweiterung gibt es immer. Zuletzt das bemerkenswerte Update 1.9. Vielen Dank für den enormen Realitätszuwachs.

    Ein schlichtes integriertes Air-Traffic-Controll-System würde den Realitätsgrad und die Spiellust an der Simulation nochmals steigern. ATC-Systeme basieren in derRegel auf hochkomplexe Programmen, die m.E. sich kaum auf einer mobilen Basis realisieren lassen. Ein stark vereinfachtes System dürfte aber - aus meiner laienhaften Sicht -durchaus machbar sein.

    Bei meinen Überlegungen geht es in einem ersten Schritt ausschließlich um die Kommunikation zwischen Tower und der anfliegenden Maschine auf der Basis der Daten des Flugplans. Ab einer festgelegten Position, die aus korrekter Anflughöhe und den Anflugskoordinaten bestimmt wird, kann der Flugzeugführer Kontakt mit der Tower aufnehmen, der dann seinerseits Landeinformationen übermittelt und nach erfolgter Landung einen verkürzten Rollhinweis gibt. Das gleiche vereinfachte Procedere läßt sich auch für eine Startfreigabe vorstellen.

    Ich bin mir darüber im Klaren, dass meine Vorstellungen sehr laienhaft sind, weil mir einschlägige Fachkenntnisse zum Programmieren fehlen, aber als Anregung bzw. Diskussionsanstoß könnten sie vielleicht dienen.