Aircraft Development

  • Alex... Mk9 lovely. Your not by any chance the Alex responsible for the Flying Iron Simulation Spit 9 for XP11... just a punt... putting two and two together and making ten. Sure is a great model and makes me want see a spit in AF2 even more.

    I'm glad you chose the 9. I've been working on a BoB Mk1a for a few months (Cat out off bag) and its beginning to take shape but its too early to tell if the project will ever get finished. Its a awful lot of work to fit in as and when, when you're still working, but at least I can make it the model I'VE always wanted. Many good ones have been made for other SIMs but I've had an itch to do this since I started 3D modelling over a decade ago. I started one as my first project but abandoned it because it was so difficult... things have changed with experience though.

    I was working on the wheel hub the other day. I notice in the pic above it has four spokes... the photo of a 1a (KLA) that I was using as reference showed a five spoke wheel so that's how I built it... I always thought they where 4 and that would have been easier. Hope I haven't got that wrong as don't really want to go through that again... it was very tricky.

    Looking forward to seeing your Spit Alex anyway.


  • Hey Matt,

    That's me indeed! Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Two Spitfires potentially coming to FS2?! How exciting 😁😁 I'm keen to fly a different variant!

    I'm not sure about the mk1, but there was three different rims fitted to the mk ix I believe - a three spoke, four spoke and a five spoke. So don't worry, you're all good ;)

    Good luck with your project!


  • Just out of curiosity, what's BoB?

  • Just out of curiosity, what's BoB?

    Battle of Britain for sure

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm back from a small vacation over the weekend and ready to get stuck back into things. After playing with the amazing Starfighter I am very motivated to get stuck back into it!

    I've currently put the gear on hold (they work... sorta) and am changing things up a bit to try get this badboy to fly! Moving on to the wings, fuselage & prop.



    Can anyone tell me if the aerowing station incidence is in degrees or radians?



  • HI Alex

    I believe all angles in FS2 are radians. I use an android app called unit converter, it does pretty much every unit conversions you can think of, Probably others for IOS if that's your flavour

    Post 17 in the starfighter topic gives a list of all units , if I knew how to link it I would, sorry