Will we get ATC and ground crew in the future?

  • Dear Aerofly FS4 team,

    I am writing to express my concern about the lack of an air traffic control system in the game. As a player who is interested in pursuing a career in aviation, I believe that the inclusion of this feature would greatly enhance the realism and immersion of the game.

    Additionally, I believe that the inclusion of ground crew would be highly beneficial for all players. The ability to experience pushback, fuel truck, and stair truck operations, among others, would add an extra level of detail and authenticity to the game.

    I hope that these suggestions will be taken into consideration as you continue to develop and improve the Aerofly FS4 experience.

    Thank you for your attention.



  • Meine Meinung guter Mann. :) :thumbup:

    Und einen Guten rutsch ins neue Jahr,für euch alle!! :)

    Enrico :)

  • Hello,

    it would be Ok, but for me , and for many FS4 friends also ...

    its much more interesting to get "rest of the FS4 world alive" :

    Drivings cars on the streets,

    walking people ,

    running trains,

    taxiing other aircrafts on the airports,

    and so on ....

    I think ... that would greatly increase the immersion.

    I dont really need a "ATC simulator ", because I mostly fly small planes / helicopter ... and want to simulate the FLIGHT and need (for VR)
    fast and good programming and fast boot / start of the software with a payable Computer, like Aerofly FS 2 and 4 DID so VERY good !

    I dont need all the things around this, like ramp agents, push-backs, radio-things, paperwork, 10 minutes cold and dark switcherys or
    fly in 30.000 feet 4 hours from A to B in a 737 ... think for this, there are enough other sims on market.
    Its ok, when thy implented here (without other disadvantages), but for me there are many other things important before this wishes :) :)

    When they plan to integrate ATC, or many of the other stuff , and the sim gets so bad like the other Flight-Sims on the market
    ( needs > 5.000,- hardware, wait > 10 minutes !! for running the software and so on ...
    then ... I HOPE that Aerofly lets a "switch" to deactivate such things ( what I (many other) dont need and dont want)

    to wait for this, or have bad FPS in VR ( every new function needs processor /graphics power ?!)

    but so you see , what I will tell with this :) :) ...

    everyone had other wishes / weighting / top ten ... what he wants to get ...

    And I am very very happy to have FS4 like it is.

    Have a grat and happy new Year 2023

    mfg, Jens ... Flight-Sim.org

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    Alles fliegt irgendwie,
    fragt sich nur wielange

  • I sure hope ATC is not a priority for IPACS. I would much prefer the following to have the top priority on the list of things to add to Aerofly FS 4

    1. More world regional coverage and more airports, especially small airports for GA aircraft.

    2. More GA aircraft include LSA types of the kind that most non-commercial private pilots would own/rent and fly.

    3. Much better support for glider thermal soaring. If IPACS can't afford to provide visual cueing (thermals under cumulus clouds and shadows), at least widen the maximum thermal diameters from current 300 meters in the current random generation of thermals codebase.

  • Wenn Ich Menschen und Autos sehen will, spiele ich call of duty...und nicht einen Flugsimulator!!! ^^ ^^

    Enrico :thumbup: ;) :)

  • Wenn Ich Menschen und Autos sehen will, spiele ich call of duty...und nicht einen Flugsimulator!!! ^^ ^^

    Enrico :thumbup: ;) :)

    Enrico, I thought it was you who wanted to see a co-pilot? :P

    Jokes aside: cars on highways with their headlights turned on are a good indicator in the dark to get your bearings.

  • I think it would be nice to have integrated meteorology, with active water and tides driven by lunar phases. Nice to have, but I would need a small Kray to run it plus an extra room on my home to house it, and I can't afford that, either.

    The programming/coding effort would be enormous, but I don't see why anyone should have to do all that work just because I want to land at EPGR. I would be very happy with just a Twotter in Logan Air livery. 8)


  • Worldwide coverage. I miss that the most. Of course there is MFS2020 or X-Plane on the market, but I like Aerofly FS4. Just being able to fly around the world and have quality textures and 3d cities and airports around you is what shouldn't be missing. For such a bonus, I will gladly pay for a future update or addon like World coverage. Only part of EU and USA is not enough. Still, I really appreciate IPACS for your great work.

    I think future coverage of more of the world would bring more players into the simulator.

    I am talking mainly about FS4 :)

  • Ok,

    da hier ja auch deutsch gesprochen (geschrieben) wird, schreib ich's mal zuerst in Deutsch :) .

    Ich hab mir jetzt auch den Aerofly FS4 geholt und bin eigentlich recht begeistert. Ein paar mehr Addons wären toll (natürlich Payware), vorallem im Bereich Helicopter und vielleicht auch das eine oder andere Militärfluggerät. Insgesamt wäre es hier halt toll wenn auch ein paar Drittanbieter wieder etwas anbieten würden. Da sieht es momentan leider mau aus.

    Was ich aber wirklich schmerzlich vermisse, ist Traffic am Boden. Ich brauche jetzt nicht unbedingt fahrende Züge oder Autos, aber am Flughafen sollten schon wenigstens andere Flugzeuge auf den Taxiways unterwegs sein! Das eine oder andere Servicefahrzeug wäre natürlich auch toll.

    Ein Flughafen auf dem man nur allein unterwegs ist, bzw. die Flugzeuge nur beim Starten und Landen erscheinen und sich dann dematerialisieren, finde ich ehrlich gesagt heute nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Traffic anderer Flugzeuge am Boden hatten wir schon zu Zeiten des MS FS5.

    Ich hoffe dass sich da noch was tut, ansonsten finde ich den Aerofly FS 4 sehr gelungen.

    P.S: Ich möchte auch nicht das der FS4 zu sehr überfrachtet wird, wie das bei der Konkurenz sowohl im zivilen, als auch im militärischen Bereich der Fall ist und teils Ruckelorgien in VR bietet, denn gerade deswegen, also wegen der Performance in VR, bin ich auf den Aerofly FS 4 gekommen (und meine Hardware ist mit einem Ryzen 9 5950X, einer NVidia RTX3090 und 64GB Ram zwar nicht mehr Highend, aber schon noch recht ordentlich), aber ein wenig Bewegung am Boden kann auch nicht schaden, sonst fühlt man sich wie in "I'm Legend" oder "Quiet Earth" (wem die Filme was sagen) ^^ .


    I have now also got the Aerofly FS4 and am actually quite enthusiastic. A few more addons would be great (of course payware), especially in the area of helicopters and maybe one or the other military aircraft. Overall, it would be great if a few third-party providers would offer something again. At the moment it looks unfortunately not so.

    What I really miss is traffic on the ground. I don't necessarily need moving trains or cars, but at the airport there should at least be other aircraft on the taxiways! The one or other service vehicle would of course also be great.

    An airport where you are only alone on the road, or the aircraft only appear during takeoff and landing and then dematerialize, I find honestly today no longer contemporary. We already had traffic from other aircraft on the ground in the days of MS FS5.

    I hope that there is still something to do, otherwise I find the Aerofly FS 4 very successful.

    P. S: I also don't want FS4 to be too overloaded, as is the case with the competition both in the civilian and in the military area and partly offers jerk orgies in VR, just because of that, the performance in VR, I came to the Aerofly FS 4 (my hardware is ofcourse with a Ryzen 9 5950X, a NVidia RTX3090 and 64GB Ram no longer high-end, but still quite decent), but a little movement on the ground can not hurt, otherwise you feel like in "I'm Legend" or "Quiet Earth" (to whom the movies mean something) ^^

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  • Honestly guys from IPACS , I changed from FS 2 to FS 4 because I was expecting a lot lot more , so also that traffic , ground communication , whole weather profiles aso. was just normal that it is there in version 4 while asking already for years ( if u want to use it or not , its up to everyone ) , like as any other sim , I mean this is version 4 !! . and honestly I was expecting much much much more then that-- !! i mean we jumped up "2 " TWO full versions from V2 to V4 not from V2_1 to V2.1.0.5 .. but this is exactly the same sim , same horrible very old menu ,same stuff , got rid of that flighing school and put a new menu with challenges , honestly again ,even programming a flight route , this menu could have been written in DOS , so bad is the navigation to put some more VOR spots or change a route , not even saving or editing a saved own route is possible , and everything else there is not really something what changed what could justify that price for a whole new game (sim) !! , I mean if this would have been sold as an update from 2.0 to maybe 2.3 then I would accept that still nothing really changed . , but now .. like this , . its a shame for the money we spent !!! so for people who are not have spent that money yet , i propose waiting for version 27 , maybe then it makes sense to change !! thanks for spending money for nothing!!.


    -new lighting engine - the word sounds good but in real it.s a joke those light changes

    -Over 1200 hand made high quality airports , . u guys really joking !!, . most of all the airports still looking the same shit then v2 - some rectangular blocks putting together as like a sprite in commodore 64 , nothing else. In the year of 2023 this must be the lowest settings in graphic menu possible ) oh i forgot , there is no real graphic settings menu in this sim !

    -scenery 3d buildings everywhere and trees , haha ,. I have to do a youtube video flying for 2 hours anywhere over some blocks , or so called mountains looks all like minecraft in lowest settings

    -Air traffic -.. c-mon . , tell me , where is air traffic , . i mean somebody mensioned already - air traffic for ipacs means , some airplanes are starting and landing from nowhere to disappear in nowhere , no sense at all , . and air traffic is something else !! communication ,real TCAS aso.

    Flight Missions is just a programmed route , flying a default setting .. Carrier Assistance and new Aircrafts .. wow again that sounds amazing , if it would have been sold as an Add-on .. but thats it , .. in real nothing what gives the customer anything to justify to buy a whole new game from V2 to v4 at all !.

    thanks , thats my opinion about V4 (and many others to if u watch some youtubers starting to complain)

  • Just a question: I wonder how many new multiple nicknames, are found here on this forum??? I have the impression that it's already seen and heard. ^^ ;)

    Best wishes 😉


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