AF2 v2.3.5 feedback

  • On an iPad mini 2 on external view the cockpit interiors are missing and the ground is where the floor and sides should be. This is what it was like on an Android beta on low or medium graphics settings. It looks as if the mini 2 and I presume the 3 and the Air are now earmarked as the new low performing devices and are perhaps next for the chop some time in the future?

  • Our own iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 devices ran the previous version without any issues, but we received many complaints from users that they had crashes with our previous build.

    Thats why we reduced the number of visible objects on those devices.

    iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4 are the devices where we show all objects and where you see the graphic options buttons. All other devices are not shown this option to improve stability.

  • There was a moan in the fan group about a "bug" which prevented the Southern California scenery from being retained in storage. Turned out that it was a 'broken' device with a cleaner app. The cleaner removed SoCal unknown to the owner. He still thinks IPACS should prevent this and give him a storage map. Interesting attitude.

  • It is interesting that the IPACS Air and mini 2 ran at normal settings but this class was degraded because of complaints from Aero users with such devices. I'm happy for my Android phone to be cast adrift if it has ...'personal problems' so that the Android 'fleet' sails on.

    All owners of pre Air 2/mini4 iPads now have to 'Aerofly' at a performance determined for the most buggy, overheated, cracked-rooted-broken, alternative apped, subjected to inappropriate program or data cleaning, out of memory or storage, not re-booted for a week, physically damaged or operating system un-updated device in the 'fleet'. Not unlike a convoy sailing at the speed of the slowest ship, ships all of the same design and specification unfortunately. The consequence of central, top down control; user graphics setting denied. It is still the best though!

    I wonder if the app could self test and only throttle back if it finds itself in a clapped-out device?

  • I still have a mini 2 along with the mini 4 and Air 2 and the mini 2 runs AF2 great - never had a single crash. I do maintain my device well though, I close out apps when I don't use them and I restart fairly regularly. It seems the people with the issues do not try things like and kick off about performance without realising the limitations of a device and appreciation of what the device and app are actually doing. Some simple house keeping goes a long way.
    The problem is, these people spread that word that the app is buggy, crashes way too much and just isn't worth the effort on social media, forums and reviews and that tarnishes what IPACS are trying to achieve, I can understand this move in all honesty.

  • I have played Aerofly 2 (iPad Air 2) with the new update for a couple hours now. The overall experience is much smoother; almost butter-like. Many of the "issues" seem to have been addressed. I still wish there was rain, water, fog, thunder, lightening, etc. any chance of these weather effects in an upcoming update?

    Regardless, thank you for taking the time to alleviate the bugs and such.

  • Like we have previously mentioned, adding more graphic features is getting exceedingly difficult as we have to address different devices.

    In theory an iPad Air 2 could get more features, however an older iPad 2 is really at its limit. Any new features we add would introduce severe instability.

    So we are not sure yet how we can add new graphic features without upsetting users with slower devices.

    The next updates we have planned will add more features to all airplanes, possibly with clickable areas in the cockpit and of course a further improved navigation menu.

    If we receive good reports from the current version we might consider adding a quality slider back in. We just have to hide it a little, too make it slightly difficult for users to activate :)

  • Thank you so much for the feedback 'IPACS'.
    I hope that the owners of older devices get the news that they are back in the 'family'. It is clear that you are having dificulty trying to make one setting work for all devices able to run iOS 9.0. In MS Flight Sims there was an enormously detailed menu and users experimented and discovered a personal set-up that worked with their own equipment.
    Could some attention be directed to the sim aircraft operation as the external graphics are already extremely impressive. Manual radio tuning of some sort and ILS/VOR and VOR indicator OBS knob adjustment of some sort in the smaller planes would cheer up a lot of the serious simmers. The dual VORs working in the A320 in the Modesto area are wonderful and the same in planes without digital navigation displays would be so nice. Is performance limiting why the 320 does VOR and the 380 does NDB?

  • Good bye, Aerofly

    I am very disappointed about the update. As mentioned in my recent post about free space influencing performance, I found a way to play on an iPad Air (1) with medium graphics settings. It all worked fine and I was more than once absolutely struck by the graphics, the impression of really flying over california, almost recognizing hotels where I stayed once. But now what did I have to see? It all a large blurry something, you don't have any feeling for the altitude, and the general impression is bad. That makes me go for X-Plane instead.

    I understand that IPACS wanted to deliver a stable performance for older devices, but I certainly won't buy an iPad Air 2 just for Aerofly. Even less since it ran fine.I urge IPACS to put an option back in, as suggested for experienced users who know how to handle and mainatin their devices. Until then, I fly with X-Plane.

    Other than that, update seems ok in most places. Missing interiors from external views do not matter for me. Strange though are the shadows. On some airfields planes almost seem to float above the runway, the shadows did not meet the tyres on the ground. That looked akward, and funnily enough, it also felt funny when starting, as if the plane really did not roll but floated one or two feet above ground. But I am not sure about this, because I did not feel to check further due to the graphical downstep.

    Controls transparency and turbulence are nice features. Update to navigation I do not like. First, adding waypoints has a glitch, I can't move the added waypoint sometimes. When trying, I only move the map (yes, I pressed on it for some time). Also, placing the plane automatically on the starting point of the route is not always helpful. Example: I created an own "mission" in my mind, visiting all airports close to the shore. I am going there, land, taxi to the tower or certain building, create a new route and start off exactly where I stopped, incl. taxiing. Now, I am immediately at the starting line after having a new route programmed. I know, I can manually choose a starting point on the taxiway, but this is not necessarily where I stopped by myself. I admit, this might not be a serious issue, but made me feel a little more disappointed (although I could easily work around that when at least the rest would be fine).

    Hope this helps to improve the game further and looking forward to playing it again after the next update.


  • It's a very solid update for me, tons of bugs squashed, no crash to date on iPad Air, I love this update a lot, and can't wait for the next! I don't mind not having the graphics option, but I think it'll be very helpful to have a fuel and weight panel, because right now it's like every plane's on full fuel, and it's hard to get to FL350 and above.