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    I corrected my initial statement BTW... what I wanted to say is that the Q400 flies like a turboprop airplane - stop. In terms of physics there is nothing that makes the Q400 different to other aircraft, it has the same laws of physics that apply, it just has few different parameters (characteristics), that is what I ment with that original sentence. I did not want to draw a comparison to 'any other airplane' actually that's why I edited the text. The Inertia of the Q400 is of coarse different to other aircraft in the sim because of its large wing mounted gear and engines and because of the different wing geometry it inheritly flies different to any of our other airplanes in the sim. I've tried to make it fly realistically, tried to get closer to the numbers that I saw in videos. It handles quite well and makes a lot of fun to fly. Flap 30 is like stepping on the brakes, you can really make very short landings with this setting. Normally you'd only use flap 15 for landing, thats what we set as default landing config.


  • I hope that there will be many enthusiastic buyers.
    I was not aware of paid volunteer beta programs. In Aerofly mobile many beta users were sometimes left with a seriously dysfunctional version for a significant length of time. We were unpaid and gladly put up with the inconvenience as it contributed towards fixing or improving the sim'.
    The sophistication of the PC version must reflect an enormous amount of labour and continuing development must incur significant further expense. I would be happier to help finance the survival of the project and not doing so might result in a stalled effort as frustrating and disappointing as the stagnation, of the not yet mature AF 2 mobile version.
    This unique simulation project which is dedicated to authentic flight feel and which embraces continuing improvement and constructive interaction with it's users is a special proposition, it must not vanish from the market.

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    I flew the Embraer 145 regional jet which seats 50 (same as Dash 8-300) and has gross weight of about 50,000 lbs, a little more than the -300 at 43,000 lbs. The main reason I prefer the Dash is because it can do things jets can't. For example, we could hold 180 kts to a five mile final to fit in with jet traffic, then slow to ref speed and land and stop in about 1200 feet. Also ATC would give us clearances to us that they wouldn't give to jets like the ILS 15R circle to land 4L at KBOS or the Anacostia River Visual 33 at KDCA. Can't speak to Boeing and Airbus, but I have been on the Jumpseat plenty of times. I saw a lot of jet pilots that were overly dependent on automation.

  • That's a really interesting POV considering that with a jet that you are most of the time above the weather while with any Dash you are right in the middle of the worst weather and icing.
    Speaking of icing, no way I'd exchange heated leading edges for inflating boots!
    180kts at 5NM isn't exactly fast and 1200ft? R U sure? Even the DHC-6 has a landing distance of 2000ft.
    Don't know how you got the impression that 'a lot' of jet pilots are overly dependent on automation and this has 100% nothing to do with the difference between props and jets.

  • Of course automation dependence is a real issue, but that's nothing new and hasn't anythin to do with the difference between props and jets.
    If you are flying 4-8 legs each day, with only minimum rest in between, you simply HAVE to rely heavily on automation.
    It's the combination of fatique and automation dependence that makes flying presently so dangerous!

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    We have delayed the airplane for now as we are not satisfied yet with the engine physics and the sound. So please give us more time.