• Yes, it is awesome in VR, very clear aircraft and cockpit detail, clear buildings and scenery, accurate controls and dynamics. and very smooth frame rates. Well done IPACS for making this in VR. But the sim is lacking in life, you are the only thing that moves in this sim. However, this sim I'm sure will get better, with other air traffic, airport traffic, more cloud and weather options, and more realistic water.

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  • Well, I do not quite have the same perceptions. Inside my brand new Oculus Rift, aircraft and cockpit detail are extremely fuzzy, not clear at all. Same remark regarding buildings and scenery. Compared to the crispy amazing quality that I get from FS2 on my tree ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q in surround mode, the least I can hope from Oculus or any VR helmet developer is an immense improvement in a hopefully near future. Get rid of the pixels please! Make things clearly visible! Frame rate and fluidity are fine (FPS 90 and more with sliders to the right 😉).

    Somebody said: VR ... It's somewhere between your expectations and a disappointment. I fully agree. My F15 FS2 cockpit and the sceneries are so perfect on my flat monitors, so perfect, that, yes, I am disappointed because I can't read the instrument panel in VR and the whole world looks like I am dead drunk. Outside, objects and buildings are not clearly distinguishable, airplanes on the tarmac are almost unrecognizable, and so on. Nothing to do with my current gear I guess.

    On the other hand, flying in 2D (even on three monitors for better immersion) is not the real thing compared to the VR flight sensation. The same guy said:

    it feels so amazing (at first) to move your head around and stare at a virtual world that presents itself from all angles. Oh yes. Fly the F15 through the Alps, low, fast, is far better and closer to the reality in VR.

    Yes, I am kind of disappointed, but I was right purchasing my first VR gear. I know now that the future flight simulation is not in 2D, but ... virtual reality.

    Therefore, I agree with Dionos: it is already awesome. And yes we do need multiplayer 🙏

    (sorry for my english)

  • Well, I do not quite have the same perceptions.

    Neither do I: things look clearly blurred and not sharp. However, the immersion is priceless. In case you didn't know: with your GPU you can easily set Render Scale Factor to 2.0 (the max) which will improve things! Things still won't be as good as on a monitor but at least a bit sharper.

  • I have tried Render Scale Factor to 2.0. Honestly, I did not notice any improvement

    That is odd. I have a similar system as yours and mine is really clear. I can read guages (sometimes I have to lean forward a little to make them crystal clear), but completely readable from a normal sitting position. As far as scenery, the airports and ground aircraft are not blurry in the slightest in my oculus. I wonder what could be the problem? Something is definitely wrong in your setup.

  • jjs,

    Please try using the Pitts/C172/F18 aircraft and not the A320 or any other EFIS (Glass cockpit) aircraft and make sure you set Render Scale Factor of 1.5 ( to start with) with using the Aerofly FS2 VR tab and not any other way like Oculus Tray Tool. There is something wrong if you can't see any difference between RSF=1.0 and 1.5 or higher.

  • VR and RFS work perfectly fine with the Airbus too here... RFS should give a noticeable difference though. But still, it is very subjective. ssites posts nothing is blurry on his Rift while imho, as I posted, things are clearly blurred. ;) Some can't stand the pixelated view while others can hardly see anything wrong with it. To me the immersion makes up for the low res view but for others it may be different.

  • Ssites, I wish your home would be next to mine. So I could come to you and evaluate our respective subjectivity ... as J van E says (I think he's right)!

    You say you have a similar system as mine and yours is really clear... Your conclusion: something is definitely wrong in my setup! I wish you were right! But I'm afraid it is not! My PC is powerfull enough to run beautifully FS2 with 3 x 27" at 144Hz monitors in surround. Frame rate is always over 90, excellent resolution, fluidity. Maybe you suggest the helmet I have received from Amazon.com (usa) is not in a good shape? I wish I could compare with another set. But how is it possible.

    Oculus in Switzerland? Where? Who? ...

    Anyway, thanks for reacting and sharing

    (time to sleep here :)

  • if you are new to vr and are focusing on the pixels you can be forgiven.. i find that my eyes need to relax a bit and try not to see the details.. ive been playing in vr for more than a year now and honestly i find the image is clear enough to forget that it's not perfect. If i need to read a gauge i lean toward it..

    later generations of vr will be much better but honestly this isnt much worse (resolution wise) than playing on an old low res CRT monitor. The immersion of VR makes up for the current shortcomings in resolution.

    There is nothing like flying full combat acrobatics in VR looking in all directions to make sure your butt isn't about to get lit up..

  • Can't imagine that now, where there's e.g. a super detailed skyline of Manhatten, I could get used to fact that it's not crisp and clearly visible.

    You can't imagine VR. Period. ;) You have to experience it. I am not saying you will definitely like it but there simply is no way you can imagine how VR is and how it immerses you. Only after experiencing it you can decide if the lower detail is worth it. Some aren't bothered by it at all and some hate it so much they stopped using VR. I myself am a bit in the middle: I am frequently annoyed by the low res images and long for high res devices but the immersion is just too good so I keep on using. And truly enjoying it, I have to add.

  • Was that Spiderdemo a movie or a game? Because movies really look a lot worse than games. BTW 'Grainy' is the right word: better than something like 'blurry'.

    Talking about grainy... I played Lone Echo last week (one of the, if not THE, first proper game for VR) and never ever did I think 'Boy, this looks grainy'. In fact, when I finished Lone Echo and went back to Aerofly FS 2 I had to get used to the resolution all over again... I suppose this mainly has to do with the clever use of textures and text in Lone Echo, in Aerofly you can't simply make text smaller or larger because things have to look as the real thing, but I was wondering if IPACS knows about some sort of resolution setting which can be used for VR...? In Aerofly FS 2 we only have Render Scale Factor to improve sharpness but in Lone Echo I had a setting for that but also a setting for resolution! Would be interesting to get that option also in Aerofly FS 2 because, as I said, Lone Echo really looked very good and less pixelated than Aerofly FS 2.

  • I run a DK2 on a very old system, (core2 quad cpu) , GTX 560TI and things look ok to me, perhaps I should go to specsavers8).

    My normal game is the brilliant Elite Dangerous and very new to Fs2 but impressed so far. Yep big thumbs up for helicopters, ex heli pilot so its in my blood.

  • Whitav8, the best result in terms of VR resolution, versus high frame rate / excellent fluidity, is as follow (RSF 1.75, almost no cloud...) :

    When I set RFS up to 2.0, frame rate decreases from 90 down to approx 50, and simulation start to produce microstutter.

    If I want clouds, a reduction of RFS down to 1.5 or less is necessary because I keep my priority to maintain high frame rate and fluidity

  • BTW, for VR fun military-wise with as fast FPS as FS2, try Combat Air Patrol 2 (Steam) featuring the AV-8 Harrier. No campaigns yet (early access) but a few missions. The hover for landing on the carrier is a challenge - I use my POV hat for nozzle control fore/aft! There are training flights for a four ship formation and a wingman scenario as well as air-to-air refueling with a new 767 tanker.

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  • Whitav8, maybe I'll try Combat Airpatrol2 in VR, even if I'm not very attracted by "games". Although FS2 is sometimes considered as a game, I am impressed by the realism of the flight simulation in most aspects. As I said, I personally still miss multiplayer, formation flight and a much better VR resolution. But for me, Aerofly FS2 is first of all an amazing flight simulator. No need of weapons and so on. Just fly. In FS2, I like the realistic response of the flight controls under my hand, the physical feeling of the trajectories, the amazing sun lighting and reflections (night lighting needs improvement), the perfection of the aircrafts designs and the way they behave in the sky and on ground. Much better than everything I have experienced since 7-8 years