It's got very quiet here again.

  • It definitely was not quiet a few days ago when we had a debate about demanding things instantly from IPACS, a small development team that takes their time. :) Good fun.

    - Ashley

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  • If they're working on completing the stock features, I'm wishing them all the best. :):thumbup:

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  • Expect more like every half year. It is better to wait and get really good stuff with as few bugs as possible.

    He was talking about news, not actual updates. ;)

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  • I totally agree that the wait is difficult but honestly, constantly asking and chasing for updates isn't going to speed up a coding or development process and is just going to take the developers away from creating the updates everyone is waiting for.

    They've reassured all of us on many occasions that updates are coming and that there is nothing to worry about, so as difficult as it is (and I'm not being sarcastic), we all just need to chill out and let ipacs get on with it.

    In software terms, we're all quite impatient yet when it comes to hardware, it can sometimes be years before we see new releases, which we all grin and bare, so let's just leave them to it and hopefully, soon enough, we will all have some great new features.

  • He was talking about news, not actual updates. ;)

    I don't remember any news that I personally found worth noting for ages, I'm most interested in the excellent authentic fluidity of the sim and how well the cockpits operate so perhaps there has been some stuff that didn't alert me .. like multiplay, .... atc, ....... inhouse non FMC/CDU 3D-autoflight ... exceptionally expensive features that I will not be investing in such as VR ....... and more and more scenery to the exclusion of anything else.

    The helicopter and weather would have caught my attention ... and revising default scenery night lighting. .... and audio navaid identification .... and fixing long standing flaws such as the bouncy P-38 nosewheel ground detection box.

    I'd love to see news about IPACS payware to put more money into Aerofly and news about fixing/fine tuning and enhancing the raw guts of this outstanding brilliant flight simulator... and any news about poor unloved mobile.

  • As far as Orbx is going at the moment, at the Flight Sim Expo on the weekend just past they gave some brief previews on their next products for AFS2.

    A Twitch streamer managed to get a good view of Orbx's presentation -

    At 54:45 the presenter shows a preview of KPSP (Palm Springs) for AFS2. He also after another XP airport previews Netherlands True Earth and reiterates how amazing the performance is. Hopefully we'll get a proper preview of these products online soon. I wouldn't be surprised if we get previews as soon as they all get back from Las Vegas anytime now.

    - Ashley

    P3D v4 / AFS2 / XP11 | Intel i7-4790K oc'ed @ 4.6GHz | 16GB RAM | 8GB Nvidia GTX1070 | Windows 10 64-bit | Oculus Rift

  • A forum full of customers at your finger tips and you keep us all guessing... I know the developers are extremely busy, but a little nudge once in while on progress would be nice! ;) Still my favorite sim, along with DCS!

  • I'm not aware of any issues with the P38. I've changed the flight model and ground effect so that you can do a main wheel landing without any issues and the nose gear was fine in all our testing.

    Indeed it is, my apologies. I have been using mobile a lot recently and should have tried the PC version before slobbering. I guess I missed the news!