OAHU for AFS2 in development - Share our excitement!

  • I'm really looking forward to the beautiful scenery of the islands, which will bring a nice flying experience. I believe that you have all done a great deal of work and without any financial rewards. Your work according to the attached pictures is really excellent. As for the players and for you the feedback of us fans flying on AFS2, everyone has the opportunity today to study the attractions of the island on the Internet. We will certainly welcome maps and descriptions of interesting places from your past trips around the islands. I hold thumbs to successfully complete the final edits before release. Thank you for the work you do. Karel

  • Hi there,

    what we have already seen shows that we can look forward to a fantastic real scenerie. :)

    From reading this forum I have two impressions:

    • A user group prefers to have something new quickly, without having to "go down in the air".
    • Another group of users likes to delve into their favourite area and always finds new things there.

    In the real world this is comparable.

    In order to take both into account, I suggest to proceed on two tracks:

    1. As dokado and AOB already suggest, there should be a concise manual, which basically deals with the installation and then the most important points.
    2. And then there should be small stories from the area at more or less regular intervals, as it was started by Kenneth for example and continued by TomSimMuc and Jetjockey10. Here everyone can tell from his or her own real experiences.

    I think the second part is especially useful for all scenarios if they were and are developed for the community free of charge and contain a lot of detailed work. Here it is worthwhile from my point of view to invite again and again to small flights and discover details. I compare this with the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg, where it is also worthwhile to go there again and again and then concentrate on one area each, such as the USA or Switzerland.

    Tschüss, Michael (III)

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)


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  • Looking around, I did find this, with information that could easily supplement more tourist oriented information: https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1033/ML103340574.pdf

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  • Personally, I'd prefer the installation instructions and perhaps a list of (what appears to be a tremendous amount of) POI's for us to go visit.

    We could then have a little treasure hunt discovering the fruits of your labour and there's always Wikipedia if we want more info. Extensive background info will, I'm sure, be of interest to some, but it may perhaps not be the best use of your time to replicate what's already out there. Perhaps a "Useful links" section in the docs for those that do want to research further?

    Can't wait for this. It looks stunning - a huge well done and thanks to all involved.

  • Hello Gang,

    I need some feedback from our dedicated followers here.


    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Hi Jetjockey,

    Since you ask, let me share my point of view.

    Thought a) my experience with addon-ons release whatever the simulator (I started designing addon aircraft back in the times of FS4.0 in the early 90's) is most people download stuff, install it, play a couple of times with it, then move on to something new...

    AFS2 users aren't different, except there aren't as many addons available and new ones don't get released as frequently as for other simulators.

    Anyway, look at the forum : there are hardly screenshots or stories involving available sceneries. Most gallery screenshots are showing progress of upcoming or freshly released patches of ground, but a couple of weeks after release they're forgotten.

    Thought b) what does the lambda simmer expect to do when getting a new addon ?

    Install it as quickly and easily as possible and get flying without having to go through long texts.

    Based on this I think the best result is achieved by :

    1) first releasing the scenery with minimal, straight-to-the-point information

    2) let the people get it to work and have the first discovery glances at it - the thing they want to do without having to read books first

    3) after some time release a kind of "discovery tour" pack with all the texts, POI's, adventures and whatever

    This brings the scenery back to life, with simmers that are ready to take on Discovery Tour when it is released.

    If it is released together with the scenery, people just leave it aside (too much information) and forget it with the scenery when they move on to the next product...

    My 2 cents...



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  • I agree with the above. Most the fun for myself is exploring and discovering things myself, while being amazed at the work and detail and love put into these areas. later on, some info and fun routes and things to look out for that we may have missed would be great.

  • This Hawaii scenery would be an excellent location for Aerocaches. It might not be as formal with promotions at various levels and such but, the hunt would be similar. I will make a note and recruit a small team to do this. Thanks for the idea.

    After reading those MS Flight Aerocache descriptions and locations I can assure you that ours will be full level above and beyond those "baby steps". We will have a few of the lighthouses and harbors and such, but, we will also have a healthy supply of real aerocaches to be found. 8o

  • I'm thinking we will also have some trivia to encourage some deeper research. Something like

    1. How many rabbits can be found on Rabbit Island on a given day?

    2. Which airlines has the most direct flights to Hawaii from the West Coast of the U.S. (2019)?

    3. How many active military personnel are stationed on Oahu?

    4. How many highway tunnels connect Honolulu with the windward coast?

    5. Why was Captain Cook held in such high esteem before being killed by Hawaiian warriors?

    6. How many islands make up the Hawaiian Islands? How many are privately owned?

    Leave PM so not to spoil the fun for everyone.

  • I took Sylvain's updated Tecnam 2008 out for a test flight this morning. The flight dynamics are silky smooth and the DME readout is spot on. These old pilot eyes are getting weaker by the day. I can just barely read the distance to the VOR, but, fortunately Thomas was thoughtful enough to add physical VOR antennas all over the Islands. Look at my six, this is Koko Head.

    Don't get all wound up in your pantyhose, I am flying with low resolution scenery for beta testing. The high definition release edition is still being refined.

  • While continuing around Oahu I spotted a lone Orcas leisurely swimming along near Waimanalo Beach. Orcas can usually be spotted all around the island year round. Those looking for the Humpbacks will have better luck closer to Maui and the Big Island during the whale watching season. Hopefully the really big ones will still be there when the scenery is published this summer.

  • Just to show you that you can still have fun in an urban environment, I was marveling at the animated cruise ship working its way around the north side of the island and I headed for Kaneohe Bay for some more whale watching. Out my passenger window I spotted an open green patch of grass that had the look and feel of a private landing strip in someone's backyard. I quickly brought up Google Maps to take a look and didn't see any reason not to stop in for a visit. Sylvain's Tecnam is perfect for this sort of stuff. Full flaps over the trees and a quick look for any power lines and seeing none made a greaser landing.

    I have been flying the tundra X-Cub elsewhere and I guess the urge to land anyplace is still in my blood. I have no reason whatsoever for boring you with this little side trip, but, when we do get the scenery published, the really low and slow guys and girls can do a ton of exploring.