New EC135 Helicopter En Route to Destination

  • Hi

    There is no yaw string but there is a 'ball' under the artificial horizon and this also has a yaw indicator in the display too

    Thanks for replying. I can't get the ball to come to life, yawing and slipping does nothing, I haven’t recognised the attitude indicator(?) balance guide. The only balance help I can see is turning on the HUD and matching the heading V and the flight path vector. I would not moan in the least if the ball is not working yet, it isn’t even a beta so far!

    Turning off A TRIM makes it more lively, I presume it is off during training to demonstrate the natural handling of the machine.

    Is there only one DME transceiver? The second HSI only gives DME if the same frequency is selected on the left display/CDU.

  • Could you please add this REACH

    or this CALSTAR livery for the EC135?

    We just have one american livery for the EC135 and it would be more realistic to fly with american liveries in the american region. And maybe a rework for the sheriff livery, because this one is more current.…ferral&utm_source=iOS+App

  • The throttle has two settings idle and flight but I am unable to attach any axis to the throttles .

    The model is awesome and flies like a twin squirrell I have flown but I'd love to get the throttles connected!

    Actually these are switches you have to manipulate directly. They cannot be bound to an axis.

    The throttle that can be bound to a controller axis gets overridden by the EC 135's FADEC.

  • Yes I have been using my mouse wheel to move them but I am a bit confused why you can't map to an axis.

    Maybe there is a slight misunderstanding: The second most relevant axis to map in a helicopter (apart from the cyclic controls) is not the throttle, but the collective control which controls the amount of lift the helicopter is supposed to generate. Whenever I fly a simulated helicopter, the axis of my USB throttle controls the collective, not the throttle of the helicopter.

    Flying the EC135 starting cold & dark you switch FADEC to flight mode at startup, and to idle/off at the end. While in flight you never touch the FADEC switches (which is why they are guarded by red safety switches).

    To lift off you increase the collective power of the helicopter - you do not increase the throttle (well, FADEC does it as it sees fit).

    Even if you are in a simulated helicopter without FADEC, it is rather unusual to manipulate the throttle while in flight.

  • Thanks for your reply but I am a helicopter pilot and have been simming helicopters for a while. The problem is not with the collective or FADEC system but the EC 130 I have flown has a single engine but the collective has a sort of twist throttle where you have two settings idle and flight idle. Idle is the setting used for start up and sitting on the ground and when you are ready to fly you twist the throttle to flight idle ( which is the flight setting) .

    In some less advanced helicopters like the R22 the helicopter can be flown with the governor off and manual twist throttle but this is not what i am asking as if you look at the EC135 throttle it is a twist throttle albeit with only two settings unlike the As350 which has Power Control levers (PCL's) on the roof .

  • From what I understand a helicopter uses a different throttle command in the TMD files and thus in simulator.

    For aircraft its "Controls.Throttle1"

    For helicopters its "Controls.HelicopterThrottle1"

    The throttles in the setup menus I would guess point to " Controls.Throttle1"

    I have asked for user defined buttons and axis to help developers but it falls on deaf ears


  • Thanks for the answer Steve and I wonder why they can't do this as it would make the helicopters just that bit better and it does not seem such a hard request to implement. I now understand why the PCL's on the Lynx require to be dragged with the mouse pointer ....

  • At the moment I "steal" the taxi and beacon lights so I can use them for altitude hold and heading hold. Also, as we discussed earlier a further one for the trim button might help if we ever get it to work.

    Main problem with helicopters is when users have to start looking around the cockpit for buttons the helicopter has a tendency to take itself on a different path, so having the option of some buttons would make it easier for the user.