• It would be great to have a new revised version of the liveries of all wide-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing with all the liveries that exist for these aircraft e.g. A320... and B737... we at Real Flight Simulator


    Vueling (A320 sharklets)

    Air Europa (B737-900 ER)*

    Iberia (B737.900 ER)*

    Vueling B 777-300 ER*

    Avianca B 777-300 ER*

    IBERIA (A320 sharklets)

    Iberia new liberty CARJ 900

    * ficcional liveries


    A321 neo: Iberia, Vueling, Avianca, Swiss

    A220-300: Air France, Vueling*, Avianca*

    This would make it GLOBANL, not just Lufthansa planes, in PMI more than in MUC.(?)


    El Dorado (BOG)

    Airport traffic

    two pilots/plane (a captain and a first officer)

  • Tell me you are/ speak Spanish without telling me you are/ speak Spanish.
    There’s no Iberia 739.

  • A321 NEO in Aerofly it would be a great model for Airbus fans :)



    A320 Test Pilot at Aerofly FS2!

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  • Or “just an A321neo” in Avianca livery then they just need to work on the geometry etc. of the stretched version and don’t need to bother about livery as the A320 Avianca is already there with sharklets.

    As a pilot I am flying both these models and despite the general saying that you can fly all Airbuses once you finished Viueling training on the A320; it’s not a 100 per cent right. I’ve recently had a flight with a first officer who had had his first A321 experience and at least I noticed that the landing was certainly not first class.

    BUT PLEASE WORK ON AN A321neo or A321-200ceo sharklets (Avianca, Vueling, whatever) as this completes the picture. I am only criticising because the rest is so great

  • There need to be new liveries as as excellent as the simulator is, Alitalia doesn’t exist anymore, Air France has had a new livery for 10 years now, KLM will switch to Airbus, and there is not a single up-to-date- Spanish livery . No matter where you fly to it’s easyjet, ryanair’s, Lufthansa, Tui and KLM. Boring. In Spain we have no Airport with JetBlue A320s which come with a vueling overhead caption. So there should be Vueling and Iberia and even Air Europa. And there needs to be the A321neo or XLR. Ibera and Vueling have both increased the use of this stretched A320 as a consequence of huge passenger influxes. Flying for Vueling myself, I should know. I hope for an update 2024. But more people need to support this or are you all still in your Cessna phase? :)

  • Every other livery for the A320 is either old, replaced or from a dead airline and would love some new paint to be put into it. Obviously bug fixes are important at the moment but it would be appreciated if we got some updates to the liveries. Obviously some might like the old liveries kept for sentimentality so in addition to that please add in the new liveries

    As you can see

    Aer Lingus - OLD LIVERY

    Aeroflot -

    Air Asia -

    Air Berlin - DEFUNCT

    Air China -

    Air France - OLD LIVERY

    Air Jamaica - DEFUNCT

    Air New Zealand -

    Air Seychelles-

    Alitalia- DEFUNCT

    American -

    ANA -

    Avianca -

    British Airways -

    Cathay Pacific - OLD LIVERY

    China Eastern -

    China Southern -

    Citilink -

    Delta -

    EasyJet -

    Edelweiss -

    Germanwings- DEFUNCT (now rebranded)

    GulfAir - OLD LIVERY

    Indigo -

    LAN - DEFUNCT (now merged)

    Lufthansa -

    Malta -

    Northwest- DEFUNCT (now merged)


    Shenzen Airlines -

    Sichuan Airlines -

    Swiss - OLD LIVERY

    TAM - DEFUNCT (now merged)

    TAP -

    Vietnam Airlines -

    Thanks Jet-Pack (IPACS)

  • I love the airBerlin livery though but hope the Delta livery will be colour-corrected. The blue is too light and the wing-fences are also blue.

    Kind regards and safe flying.