Aerofly FS 2019 for IOS Released!

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    The scenery looks worse to me but the planes, the cockpit lighting and the atmospheric weather effects are good. Super detailed airports bore me to death anyway. I care about the view inside the cockpit not an outside jetway.

    Anyone know how to set heading and altitude bugs for manual flight without the stupid co-pilot steering the plane all over the place?

    (smiles as being the person that developed the copilot)
    Currently there is no interface to change the heading, hence the copilot was added to allow for a unified interface.

  • Disappointed its an entirely new app, but it is amazing! The main issue I have is with the new Copilot. It is not intuitive and I have had problems flying with it. Please please please add Utah/Nevada, Florida, New York and Switzerland! I would gladly devote the storage space on my device and pay for the addons

  • So how do you fly this using an iPad? Twist and tilt? move finger around on screen? Any details.

    I might have time to add an iPad Pro to my Christmas wishlist.


    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o
    Out now: Hawaiian Islands 8) Part 1: Kauai + Niihau v2 and Part 2 Oahu Island.

    On short final Part 3: Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kohoolawe + Molokini Crater

  • Do the Twist .... and tilt for me. The touch slider is good if you are on a moving vehicle as the jolting inertia and impulses drive the tilt mode accelerometers crazy.

    It is a hard time to start mobile Ray, I could not do without beautiful Switzerland so I keep it on iOS FS2 ...... and PC and iOS original FS, and I have it on PC FS2 and it is also on Android Aerofly AF1 on my phone and another fast tablet8).

    Don’t worry about my interfering copilot Jan, I poked him in the eyes!

    Torsten will we get a profi mode later for the R-22? I had Aerofly 2019 with me earlier this afternoon and I didn’t show it to an experienced (R-22) helicopter pilot as easy mode is not going to impress people ‘in the know’.

  • What are the issues that you have and what the problems that you experience?

    The issue I had was with the Dash 8. I flew it around a little trying to figure out how to use copilot (I think the older version is much better). I turned it off and that's when the problems began. After lowering landing gear and trying to extend flaps (it wouldn't let me select flaps), the airplane became nearly impossible to control in roll and pitch. Then the gear raised on its own.

  • I tried the Dash 8 and on a go around found myself getting near the end of the runway with low acceleration, the spoilers had remained up with full power applied. A throttle wiggle brought them in.

    I had a normal flight and tried the ‘copilot’ for a while and tried to learn what it was all about.

    After trying a sort of jammed green throttle heading hold and rate of climb hold mode I touched the mysterious downhill plane symbol while roughly lined up on finals. The ‘copilot’ disconnected and the plane became uncontrollable, unable to lower the nose I realised the trim indicator was full travel nose up with no working trim lever.

    Copilot back on ! and rate of climb mode, nose down button, held down brought the trim indicator up to a desired central position. The plane was stalled at very low speed, very near the ground. Copilot off again allowed a normal control recovery.

    This is a great simulation of a very dangerous aeroplane. The ‘copilot’ needs retraining.

    The ‘stupid copilot’ trim is present occasionaly in the FS2 B-737 but the idiot only trims back less than half way and the plane remains controllable. Often seen on a go around.

    Calling the sim auto-flight ‘copilot’ is very hard on actual copilots.

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    The issue I had was with the Dash 8. I flew it around a little trying to figure out how to use copilot (I think the older version is much better). I turned it off and that's when the problems began. After lowering landing gear and trying to extend flaps (it wouldn't let me select flaps), the airplane became nearly impossible to control in roll and pitch. Then the gear raised on its own.

    That sounds like it was still engaged, it should only be able to change the flaps and gear as long as it is actively flying.

    Did you enable auto trim in the control settings?

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    Calling the sim auto-flight ‘copilot’ is very hard on actual copilots.

    Well it does more than just an autopilot. It can fly any of our airplanes from A to B including managing the flaps, gear, lights, spoilers, etc.

    How quickly did you apply power on that go around? Did you slam the slider up?

    I'll see if I can reproduce the trim issue, usually you already have to be stalled and try to maintain altitude for the copilot to trim aft like that.

  • First impressions after about 90 minutes of flying:


    The extremely high-res images of some areas look a bit more blurry now. But still very good. But the "patchwork" of FS2 is gone, thankfully. At least where I checked. There are still quadrants with a lower resolution, and you still notice the borders, but overall, it looks more homogeneous now than in FS2. The colours etc. seemed to have changed a bit as well, as if the images were taken in a different season or time of day. So far, its neither a plus or a minus for me. I hope that these changes might be the base for future add-on regions.


    Great! After I tried FS2 on a desktop, I noted how much immersion these clouds add. But the really eat performance. Setting these to max and flying close to them, significantly decreases frame rate. Still quite fluid of course, but compared to FS2 (or no cumulus clouds) frame rate seems to have dropped. And I have an iPad Pro 10.5.


    Great that VOR is back. Checked in King Air and Dash8. In the Beechcraft it did not seem to work. Same behaviour as in FS2.


    First I was afraid something did not work, but I was at Dunsmuir at Dusk. This airstrip isn't lighted obviously. Next one was, as well as others I tried. But the visibility of the PAPI lights changed. It's much harder to spot now what they show. The previous ones had some kind of halo around them which made it easier to recognize from a distance. If current behaviour is closer to reality, then OK.

    Saw no landing lights on the King Air.


    Great stuff you added the Dash8 and the Heli. This alone would have made me spent the eight euros. Also, there seems to be quite a bit more logic or automation behind the planes behaviour now? As one user mentioned concerning the Dash8. I had to abort my first take off attempt with it as well, as it accelerated way too slow!

    Some planes have different flap settings: King Air now only 50/100 (compared to five settings in FS2), the F15 only one setting at 100%. Guess thats due to alignment with PC versions?

    Heli is cool. Would not have been necessary for me, but it's nice. Flying is easy enough, landing challenging enough. First attempt at Alcatraz pad took ages ;)

    Flight director - sometimes it's there, sometimes not? Didn't figure out yet when and how this appears.


    OK, so no graphics settings any more (apart from frame rate).

    HUD settings: Err, what do they do? I think the Dash8 has a HUD on the desktop version, but on mobile? What do these settings affect?


    Will open a new thread for this, to collect all tips or issues. Autoland is a nice feature, worked when I tried, at least on short final. The way there was a little, well, awkward.

    More maybe later, gotta work now! But overall, I'm happy as hell, nearly jumped from the sofa yesterday evening!


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    Hi Patrick,

    thank you for the feedback, I'll look into the B58 VOR and King air lights.

    The C90 flaps and F15 flaps are now more realisitc, the real king air only has two stages of flap and the f15 only has up or down.

    The HUD is an artificial HUD that is drawn on the horizon. Try it out to see what it does. It is even shown when you pan around the aircraft.

    It has nothing to do with the in cockpit hud of the q400, f18 or f15.

  • Dear IPACS,

    I am loving the new app, the Q400 is awesome and the R22 is cool. But I don’t really like the whole super automatic planes thing. I still would like to have full control over the flaps and the gear, speed. Also it would be great to see the main old autopilot with the separate copilot function!

  • The Steel Series Nimbus is a fully functional wireless controller that works with many apps including Aerofly Fs2 on IOS. Whilst tilt to control is ok the controller makes it a much better experience because you have an effective joystick. I am not sure if it works with Aerofly 2019 though.

  • I have used the sim more and am getting more comfortable with the way the copilot works, however, there is a problem at least with the Dash. Once the copilot has been engaged, and then later disengaged, the aircraft flies like it has full nose up trim, which makes it nearly impossible to control in pitch. Also, I would prefer a fully manual mode with an autopilot interface. It wouldn't take up anymore space on the screen than the current set up. I would prefer to extend and retract the gear and flaps as I please, not as the copilot thinks it should be.

    But again, well done! It's a really awesome flight sim.