Canary Islands Photo Scenery released at SimMarket

  • Well, I'm currently on holiday in Fuerteventura, so I think this will be a must have when I return. Thanks for the work to all those involved.

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  • all done and packing- need to take some new images as the terrain is changed

    Hello Ray,

    I bought your Canary_V2 scenery and tried Tenerife.

    What wondered me: the Tide is full of trees and there is an empty strip on the north flank.

    Would you please correct this?

    I also recommend to split up the vegetation into 10-20 toc areas with a separate tsc.

    Yours is a single TOC of 1.4GB

    Your trees on Tide:

    Empty strip of trees:

    What is should look like:



  • If its any help I made cultivation for the Island of Tenerife some months ago and its available on at only 400 Mb file size.

    Download link to save going through page after page......…285-tenerife-cultivation/

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  • Sorry for the complete intrusion but I saw a cute Canary Island facts poster the other day;

    On the Canary Islands there actually are not any Canaries.


    On the Virgin Islands, there aren't any Canaries either, lol!


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  • I just bought this scenery on the strength of this thread, but there seems to be quite a few discrepancies with placement of cultivation/autogen.

    Just a few examples from my first few minutes flying around:

    The Grande Playa on Fuerteventura, one of the most open areas of golden sand dunes outside the Sahara, is covered with pine forest in the scenery.

    The Timanfaya national park in Lanzarote, which in real life is a massive desolate area covered in solid lava and looks like the surface of Mars, is in the scenery covered again in lush green forest, which extends inside the craters of many volcanoes.

    The south coast of the Lanzarote scenery has several unfeasibly enormous autogen factory type buildings that extend out into the sea.

    I must admit for a paid scenery I was a bit disappointed with the accuracy. I wonder are there any plans for updates to the cultivation at all?

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  • I noticed the exact same thing. The problem seems to be that the Scenproc script used to generate the cultivation uses the keyword "park" to place trees, which for the Central "Park" in NYC would be adequate, but not really appropriate for the Timanfaya National "Park". If you want I can send you alternative cultivation files for lanzarote via email I created for myself which also correct some other things like seven story buildings all over the place, trees east of the Papagayo beaches area and so on. These files are part of a long term project that I started a while ago to improve the overall quality of my favorite Canary Island, but it will probably take months before I'm finished with it. If you want to try out the preliminary content just send me a pm.

    Cheers, Fabian

    Edit : considering the large factory type buildings, if you take a look at the original osm data for lanzarote, the osm coverage really is that bad. It's incomplete and inaccurate. If developers just use raw osm data as a source for their cultivation you'll end up with results like this. There problem is that osm quality is very inconsistent, my home town Freiburg in Germany has near perfect coverage, while many places on earth are badly represented or even not at all existent

  • Un séjour sans faille

    You also have the possibility with this excellent complementary tool of Naabel, to be able to add, or remove from the cultivation of trees or buildings as you wish :)

    Used only the '' toc '' file that is in your '' cultivation '' folder

    But before you begin, make a backup of your original file.

    For example: your file, Fuerteventura / places / cultivation / GCFV-map.toc

    Here are some explanations of how to do it:

    AFS2 Cultivation/Scenery editor

    And the link:





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  • Thanks very much for the guidance chaps, plenty to think about there. Fabian, I will probably take up your offer, I'll PM you later when I have chance to look into the whole thing.

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