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  • Before, on a Mac, it didn't matter if there was a distinction between upper and lower case letters in the directory names. I therefore had to make corrections in the files more often in the past. :(

    In the same way, I promote the use of slash instead of backslash "for us Mac users" -- Windows has also been using slash for a long time. 8)

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    @Matt: We didn't change anythingat the AC3D plugin besides making it compatible for AC3D 9. We will however check the SDK DR400 aircraft and see if something is not working.

    As for lower/uppercase: You should of course ensure the names of 3D objects in AC3D match the names in the TMD, because this is indeed lower/uppercase sensitive. As for filenames, we strongly recommend to only use lower case letters.

  • Is it ok to ask for information here related to the use of the SDK and plugins?

    I've been trying out some ideas to try and get my props looking like your ones do on the 109 and Corsair for example. Not all progress was forward but in the end I was fairly happy with the result, but I couldn't say if what I did was the best solution. I created a bit of Prop root geometry sized to fit inside the prop blades (so scaled down slightly) so they shouldn't show when the prop is stationary and made it rotate with the spinner. I applied the blade shader

    here is result...

    Anyway it got me to thinking Is there any information available about what shaders to use in which situations so as to know the best data to put in the material field... I've no idea if this is still the best way to specify external glass for example... I notice with a lot of your models your using a normal texture instead of a specular one (along with a reflection one)... something I've been unable to replicate so far


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    hello can you convert this plane (cessna 152) for AFS4, because I am unable to do it and it is the only plane I was learning to fly on AFS2. Thank you again for your support.

    You can download here :

  • Can anyone send me the selcal_color.bmp for the A320.

    How do I generate the preview file? The ones that I get from the aircraft converter are blank

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  • I want to develop my own aircraft for Aerofly. I have installed the SDK and Blender. I was able to export a simple cube to Aerofly but It just shows a red STOP sign. I assume the textures are missing. How can I create those textures in Blender? And is there some step-by-step guide on how to develop an Aircraft like there is for other sims? Thanks in advance. Best Regards any merry Christmas to everyone...