Help for development of the A330.

  • The cockpit is not the same between the -200 and the -300 :



    No, the 200s and 300s do have similarity.

    I think you took the old a330 cockpit image and showed it. It's the EIS difference. Google The EIS model 1. It is similar to the image which you displayed for the -200 Variant.

    Some airlines have them still. But, from my observation, the EIS 2 is used widely across every a330 which I have flown.

    This is EIS 2:

    This is EIS 1: (even in a320 cockpit):

    Joshua a___

  • I watch this with interest and I will feel your pain as there will be plenty of that.

    Try to do the UV mapping for each item before moving on to the next as UV mapping lots of objects together sucks. If you plan to copy items doing the UV mapping will (or should) be carried over to the copy. If you do not then each item will need to be UV mapped or you learn from your mistake and UV map first. You will need to UV map to a texture map 4096*4096 so you might as well setup your materials at this point and don't let the fuselage take up the whole map, remember there are lots of other objects waiting in the wings for a place on that map. Talking wings, put them on there own texture map and again keep the poly count down, Did I mention, keep the poly count down as the sim does a great job and no one will ever notice whether your fuselage has 32 sides or 64 sides.

    Any faces that will never be seen delete them, (be ruthless and don't miss this step) before you UV map (no point UV mapping faces you are going to delete) and do try to keep the poly count down. As I said, your fuselage has perhaps 40% extra. I have never used Blender but check your smoothing as the faces look to be non smoothed at the moment.

    Any help needed give me a shout, cant help with Blender but I'm Ok with work flow, textures and TMD (ish). Master Obi Jan Kenobi will become your best friend with regard to TMD. Might not hurt to scare yourself to death and have a look at a TMD file =O. They look scary but are not that bad, he lied ;)


  • larrylynx

    Yeah, UV maping everyting will be really painful.:( And to be honest I am not really good at it and I don't like doing it.

    Thank you for the advice to do the UV maping first or at least try to break down the fuselage into smaller bits to make it more easy.

    My only problem is that I don't know how to reduce the amounts of polygons.

    If I need any help getting the plane into the sim I will contact you. Thank you for your help!

  • Hey, I was wondering could you make the camera views like inside the aircraft? Like in MSFS, I fully understand if not and btw what livery’s do yall wanna add because oh boy I got some ideas!


    I consider the bold ones to be essential since 3D airports exist where these aircraft fly and I would appreciate if the aircraft with listed registrations are depicted: I've flown on each example more than 3 times each so they are sentimental to me and I don't think many other users would care about the registration of Delta and KLM A330-300s.

    Delta: N805NW for -300

    KLM: PH-AKD for -300

    Air France

    Qantas: Any example with the new livery


    Eurowings Discover



    China Airlines

    Turkish Airlines

    Cathay Pacific


    Virgin Atlantic




    Kind regards and safe flying.


  • i would say probably -300 as it's the most popular variant, maybe the NEO if the devs feel like branching out.

    PW or Trents (Cathay use the Trent the most, as for other airlines like swiss or AF you'd have to find which ones they use - also could that pave the way for airline specific engine configurations? some airlines use trent 1000s on the 78X and others also have the RB211 on the jumbo but in aerofly they all get the GEnX and CF6 respectively)

    whichever variant is most similar to the 320 that will be easiest to copy-paste.

    Delta, Air France, KLM, Qantas, Swiss, Eurowings, China, Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Finnair, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines. (forgot about CX and TK but yes those too, maybe at the expense of eurowings or smth)

  • and one Edelweiss;)

    Best wishes 😉


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  • Aerolineas Argentinas



    American Airlines

    Air Canada


    Air Greenland