Planes wishlist

  • Please not only airliners but also small aircrafts like Robin DR400 and some single engine Piper for example


    Thank you :D

    The Piper Cub Special made by Krzysztof Kaniewski is available for aerofly FS (Desktop Sim) here:…fs/affs_piper-cub-special

    My wish-list - more for the desktop-version I guess:
    - Schempp Hirth Duo Discus T or Arcus M (glider - 20 double seater, very common gliders)
    - Schempp Hirth Ventus 2cM or 2cxT (glider, 18m, also quite common)
    - Rolladen Schneider LS8-b (glider, 15 and 18, current world class leading in womens w-championchip)
    - Jonker JS-1c (glider, current world class leading)

    - Grob G109 (motor glider)
    - Bell 407 (helicopter)
    - Da 42 Twin Star


  • Helicopter Huey:)

    I would like to see a helicopter introduced into the sim.The Newi by Rex boasts helicopter pads everywhere.Perhaps nobody mentioned to them the missing ingredient :(

    Helicopters are more imerssive in VR than Fixed Wing IMHO:P

  • Please not only airliners but also small aircrafts like Robin DR400 and some single engine Piper for example


    The Robin DR400 is already available. Look at the forum.

    Cheers, Ed

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  • Well anything really, but if I had to get a wish list:

    Any military jets, any country (F18E, F14, F16, F86, F4, F35(A,B,C), F22, F20 (F5), A10, Typhoon, Rafale, Mirage III, Mirage F1, Viggen, Gripen, Sukhois (27, 33, 34, 35, 47), Migs (15, 17, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29), SR71, F117, B1, B2, B52, AV8B, ...)

    Any WWII war plane (P51, Spitfire, Me 109, Zero, Seiran, long list)

    Military transport (and refueling) planes: (KC 135, AC47, C17, C130, A400M, Noratlas)

    Others: Fieseler storch, E2C hawkeye (or C2), OV10 Bronco, DC3, B36, Fokker Dr1, paraglider, hang glider, KA8 glider, X15, Xwing fighter, tie fighter

    I won't go into helicopters (or gyrocopters) for now:saint:

    My "reasonable" list would be A10 (or OV-10) for maneuverability, DC3 for civilian planes flyers.;)

    That's just from the top of my head, and I'm willing to help with the work.


  • Oops sorry I thought the post was in PC FS2, same list though!

    I just moved it over since you guys are probably all talking about the Aerofly FS 2 Desktop right now.

    But I wanted to add my current list as well :)

    My personal list for aircraft would be:

    - Embraer 175, 190 maybe 145, CRJ 800 to 1000, MD 82 to 90, Boeing 737-500 to 900 NG (split scimitar :) ), Boeing 777-300, Boeing 787, Boeing 757, 767, Airbus A350, A330, A319 and A321, Bombardier CSeries 100 and 300, Gulfstreams (probably not happening ;(), ATR 42 and 72, DC3, DC6,


    - V22 Osprey (that would be so cool), Bell 407, H135, H145 (EC), Bo 105, AS-350, UH1-D, NH90, MD902, RAH66 Comanche, AH-64 Apache, Tiger?, MD-500,...


    - F35B (because we can), Mirage, Tornado, F14, Eurofighter, F16, Harrier

    WWII as mentioned

    T6 Texan, B2 Sprit, Blackbird, C5 Galaxy, Do228,...

    And GA (and slightly bigger)

    Cessna Caravan, Beechcraft Bonanza, Pilatus Porter, J3 Cub, DHC-2 Beaver, DHC-6 Twin Otter, PC-12, TBM 850, DA40, SR22, PLZ-104 Wilga, Huskey, Mooney,

    And aerobatics:

    Sbach 342, Yak54, Su31, Edge 540, MX2, MDM Fox,...

    Gliders (as above)

    Duo Discus, Arcus, LS8, Discus,...


    Canadair CL-415, G21 Goose, Space Shuttle, drones

    Light aircraft

    Paraglider, Wingsuit, Parachuite, Trike, C42 (UL),

  • affs2 has no vfr terrain, so i would go with A380, B737-900, B787

    or finish existing models before starting new ones? current are far from complete.

    most models are available for other platforms, why not cooperating with the experts?

    think about converting those to accelerate affs2's pipeline on real needs like nav, atc, ai, wx, fpl, ground ops, etc. 😯

  • Apart from maybe missing auto gen Aerofly has VFR scenery, the best looking if you ask me

    Of course, finish the existing ones, that was just my personal wishlist :). A simulator aircraft can never be finished 100%...

    And yes, external add on developers can cover all of these aircraft, no default sim has all of the aircraft right away, that is where add ons come in

  • Any Helicopter, and GAs, Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcrafts, ...

    Also the change to have glider being tugged by an aircraft.

    ULM would also be welcomed, and, of course ... WW2 airbirds :-)

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