• Hi! I've just discovered that xplane 10 is out on the App Store, but unfortunatly my ipad doesn't have enough space left to actually download it. I had a look at the description and screenshots, and although it claims to be 'the most advanced flight sim in the world' the graphics don't look a patch on Aerofly's! What it does have though that might make it serious competition for aerofly is low memory usage - at the cost of lower quality graphics, free multiplayer, (possibly) interactive cockpits correct me if I'm wrong and arcade game features mixed in as well, such as torpedoes and dogfighting, but most of all its free. I hope no one reads this and thinks I'm having a go at aerofly for not being free; I am more than happy to pay a few quid for fantastic graphics and realism, and I'm not saying that I want torpedoes and jets or multiplayer. Aerofly is well worth the space it takes up on my ipad, and I know it has to be big to fit in all the amazing feature it has. But xplane could well become a bigger competitor than infinite flight since it has better graphics than if, arcade features that attract people who just want to mess about in a jet and free multiplayer. Aerofly isn't the kind of sim that would suit these things, and it is better without them.

    Most of the flight sim inexperienced people who aerofly seems to be focusing on too much will now go for the free game with torpedoes, and aerofly will stay in the place it suits most; best, most realistic flight SIM. If you want to focus on the inexperience people who aren't bothered about realism, release a version for them that has missiles and aircraft carriers and jets and multiplayer, and get rid of the arcade physics and simplified controls on the main aerofly for the more serious fliers.

    Aerofly 1 + 2 should be the option for most of the people on this forum who as I have already said loads already, want maximum realism and detail. You could make another simple, arcade style aerofly that has limited simulation value, but is easy to pick up and has the things the non simmers want like torpedoes and challenges and jets. Then you could put all the features everyone (on this forum) is desperate to have onto AF 1 and 2 and everyone would be happy. (hopefully!). You would make more money selling the new version as well.

    Also, how come infinite and xplane get featured on the App Store as best new games and aerofly doesn't! Its unfair;)

    Sorry I'm so bad at paragraphs I know its hard to read in a big block, and I've probably repeated myself over and over :)
    Thanks, Tristan

  • Competition is good but it is up to us to support Aerofly if we like it. I for one am, I intend to purchase at least one IAP every time there is an update released for Aerofly and I hope others do the same. I'm also planning to write up a comparison of the big three sims on a well know Mac rumours forum shortly. All three have their pros and cons but just looking out the window at the wing flex on the 747 when pulling into a hard climb then levelling out above the bay area at sunrise is pretty stunning as far as a mobile flight sim goes! I'm hoping such articles will help spread the word.

  • Hello,

    we really do appreciate your posting, but our forum policy is, that we don't want any discussions or comparisons of other flight simulators here. Please understand this. We had some bad postings in the past that quickly got out of hand and thats why we no longer tolerate this. So please use a public forum for this purpose.

    However, your feedback is welcome at any time.

    We will do some updates to Aerofly 2 this year, so expect some more features, aircraft and possibly new regions.

  • This thread wasn't meant to be a discussion about xplane 10, the point I was trying to make is that since you now have competition that is likely to draw away the people who just want to mess about in a jet (the people you seem to be concentrating on too much) aerofly will be more the option for more serious flyers like most of us on this forum, so you should start concentrating less on the beginners and more on what people like us want. Anyone who just wants to get the game, and have easy flying right away and crash into buildings and fire torpedoes at eachother will go for xplane 10. Aerofly should be a serious sim with realistic, if possible desktop level physics for the serious players. If you still want to concentrate on beginners, launch a version of aerofly for them.

    I wasn't comparing or discussing xplane 10, I was just saying that your market is probably going to be made up of more serious flyers now. It is time you listened more to this sims main fans who appreciate the incredible amount of work that you have put into it and go further to tell you how to improve it rather than the people who find one problem and rate it one star on the App Store.

    But thanks IPACS for having this forum so we can tell you what we want to see in this amazing sim!

  • I read this submission, had a look at xp10 as I do have xp9 and thought it must be a lot better than that, had a look and thought, they have it all wrong. Aerofly 2 has nothing to fear, their panels are years ahead of that dinosaur. I bought an extra aerofly 2 plane as I was STIMULATED by the original post. Aerofly needs confidence and faith in their product. The nearest possibly serious rival cannot stand up to scrutiny, you know the one that has painted solid panels and ghastly yaw control on landing? (edited =I.F.) This nearest possible rival flies like a brick compared to this smooth realistic gem.

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  • Of course aerofly the MUCH better sim, and to people who want a realistic flying experience Aerofly is the only sensible choice! Xplane isn't any competition to aerofly for the people who want realism, but I'm just saying that most of the people who don't care about having a realistic simulator and just want to fly around easily and have things like torpedoes will unfortunatly go for xplane, unaware of what they're missing. So now aerofly is probably more the simulator for the people who want the most realistic flying experience they can get on their ipad, even more than it was before, so IPACS should concentrate on their sims strengths more, like its incredible graphics, functionality and physics and less on making it a competitor for xplane 10 for people who don't care about the small details that make aerofly so good. Xplane is only competition for people like that.

    Aerofly is by far the better sim!

    Also, xplane have removed xplane9 from the App Store!?!

  • Honestly, X-Plane has some real potential but as a true flight sim, it doesn't compare to Aerofly 2 and IF. Truth be told, I'm spending way more time in Aerofly 2 than IF now which is huge given how much I prefer the interface in IF. I'm looking forward to the first update for Aerofly 2 and some new content. I've also bought the 747 and 320 so far, hopefully to help the developers fund new content. Some new Jet Liners and regions would be great as well as some bug fixes and enhancements.

  • I hope people aren't taking this post wrongly, all I am saying is that xplane is likely to take away some of the the people who don't want a realistic simulator, but just want a game with jets and missiles, so aerofly should concentrate more on the people who do want a realistic sim, as that is probably going to be this sims main market. I am not saying that xplane is in any way better than aerofly, or that aerofly should become free and have missiles.

  • Hi,

    XP can be a good simulator, too. I use it for training as well. Its aerodynamics are not as great as the aerofly's, of course, but they are (a whole lot) better than fsx aerodynamics!

    For me a good mixture of all simulators does the job.
    And I don't think that any other sim is "stealing" costumers from aerofly.

    Each simulator has its down side for the "professional simmers", so you only get everything by buying each sim:
    You either have bad graphics with horrible frame rates with incredible system depth (FSX) or
    not as deep systems, better aerodynamics, one of the worst user interface I've ever seen, but at least fluid until it melts your GPU (X-Plane) or amazing looking scenery and aircraft with realistic flight behaviour, a nice user interface, when the gpu goes back to sleep while maintaining stable FPS (AeroflyFS) but without much system depth (yet, maybe).

    I don't think Aerofly will be available for free in the future.
    How would they earn money with that?
    Advertisements? No thank you :D - "If something is for free you may be the product."




  • Anyone who just wants to get the game, and have easy flying right away and crash into buildings and fire torpedoes at eachother will go for xplane 10.

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  • I thought of deleting X plane 9 too until I thought of their helicopters which are suitably really hard to fly and, based on my own 30 mins instruction in a visiting piston trainer (30 years ago) reasonably authentic. If the coming Aerofly helicopter is made available in Aerofly 2 for IPad and is made realistic (unlike the Aerofly 2 Corsair F4U's landing) then I would delete X plane 9, as the visual cues in Aerofly's excellent scenery would make height and drift in a helicopter low hover significantly easier to monitor precisely and so provide a superior helicopter simulation. I hope an Aerofly 2 helicopter will become a classic (but there is the danger that it might be deliberately made as an arcade game easy-land model to flatter a total beginner).
    Until an Aerofly 2 helicopter becomes available, the RC simulator by Happy Bytes LLC "Absolute RC heli simulator" is very difficult and rewarding.

  • ...arcade features that attract people who just want to mess about in a jet and free multiplayer. Aerofly isn't the kind of sim that would suit these things, and it is better without them.


    While I agree with most of your post, I have to say that the absence of multiplayer capability is a major flaw with AFS. Not because I want to fly combat missions and shoot people down, but rather because flying in the AFS world is so stunningly beautiful that I want to be able to share it in real time with a fellow AFS pilot. Whether flying formation, dual aerobatics, or cross country trips, doing this with a fellow pilot in multiplayer mode (and optionally with an audio link) would be amazing. While the high resolution graphics may prohibit multiplayer with numerous pilots, AFS could at least handle two or three pilots at the same time. I describe a way of "simulating" multiplayer in:


    But of course, nothing beats being able to see your mate's aircraft flying next to you as you loop, buzz a town, or weave between mountain peaks in the Swiss Alps!



  • Adak47 I hadn't ever really thought of it like that, with a good realistic multiplayer system where you could fly with your mates, and not just with random strangers but I think multiplayer would be good like that. I think there is a thread on here about multiplayer, but last time I asked IPACS they said it wouldn't be possible due to memory limitations of IOS devices.