Newest free airport scenery - KOMK located in Washington state - and surrounding high def scenery - by Rodeo

  • Yep, this is the latest contribution by Rodeo for our flying pleasure. He is not only giving us a great little general aviation airport and the surrounding HD scenery along with the latest airport infrastructure and cultivation, but he has included a pdf showing us exactly how it is done. Thanks Rodeo.

    I have no idea how the city of Omak was selected but it is a sleepy little town with a population of 5,000 located in north-central Washington state about half way between Vancouver, Canada and Spokane, WA. You will find some delightful scenery with lots of greens areas, beautiful lakes, valleys and plenty of mountains on the horizon. Moses Mountain, elevation 6,774 msl is due east of the city. The Cascade Range all around the area are between 6,000 and 8,000 feet The Okanoga River, a tributary of the Columbia River, flows through the central portion of the little town. Known for its balancing Omak Rock, the nearby Omak Lake is the largest saline endorheic lake in Washington.

    OMK airport is a single runway 17/35 and 4,650 x 150 feet. Just right for our Learjet 45 and any of the general aviation models.

    You can find the scenery pack in the download area here at the forum.



  • More.

    A few special and new things included are almost 250,000 trees planted (cultivated by Paul (Gooseno1), OSM data was used but the typical red/orange roofs have been modified to fit the area with mostly light blue and green colors. Some new building textures not previously seen have been added.

    For the first time, AC3D taxiway marking have been used and are a nice improvement. Separate textures have been used for different sections of the ramp , taxiway and runway.

    Animated characters are included - the same couple from Monument Valley airport, except now they are fussing about a Cherokee instead of the Cessna.

    The lights received special treatment and done in separate steps for the urban area and the rural area to avoid street lights out in the countryside.

    This is freely distributed using USGA 1m scenery. 16 images were used. You can add to this scenery in much the same way as the pdf explains.



  • Here is a shot of the animated couple. With these new sharp looking buildings and vehicles and such it really dates the weak static aircraft. Aerofly FS 2 is in dire need of an infusion of crisp, modern static aircraft. Like the ones we see around our airports - not the cardboard looking 40 year old jobs.

    Just look at the difference in the Lear and the static airplane. But, two animated people are a start.

    Nice totally new buildings at this airport. Thanks Rodeo.



  • This was a treat to install and fly around in! Thanks to all who worked on this. A nice new area to explore and the blend of cultivated buildings, trees, and PR is very well done; hard to tell at times which is which. My compliments and appreciation.


  • Ray my friend,

    thanks for your kind introduction into my scenery.

    My intention was to demonstrate what can be done with the existing tools.

    Although by far not as perfect as Jeff's Key West all interested users can develop such a scenery.

    Thanks and best wishes to Gooseno1 for his contribution!!!

    Why did I select this airport?

    I want to provide some more airfields in the next months to append to this area.

    The next one will be Lake Chelan and I can cover the route from Omak to Lake Chelan.

    Additionally NAS Whidbey v2 will be in flight distance to them, which I can publish soon as well.

    And finally, when OrbX comes up with PNW, I hope this part of Washington is a nice addition adjacent to PNW.

    Thanks to Jeff for supporting and providing the upload to this forum!

    My main wish: Have fun with it!


    This is my current location:

    Skiing in Austria with a perfect view to the Zugspitze (Germany highest mountain), known from OrbX Innsbruck scenery:

  • First of all, many thanks to Rodeo for the great work and Paul Schrooder(Gooseno1), who added plants to this scenery.

    I enjoy this airport and the scenery very much, and I'm already looking forward to the next airfields.

    Thank you IPAQS team for this magnificent flight Simulator.

    Regards, Jakob

  • Hello Rodeo,

    I envy you being on the slopes in Austria. It has been way too long since I was there with my family. We enjoyed skiing in Salzburg and Innsbruck immensely.

    Interestingly, I was flying in the Lake Chelan area when I read your post above. I had already added that area to my personal scenery and upgraded the small airport to a wider and longer runway to handle the lear45. You might want to look at that when you prepare the version for distribution. I know that Gooseno1 is eager to contribute his trees to that new addition.

    You might also consider adding a slight side trip to cover Lake Omak and especially the eastern edge where the balancing rock is located. Maybe someone like Michael could make us a 3D graphic of the special rock to add to your scenery. This would make a great area for the low and slow VFR pilots to view the famous rock when flying between Lake Chelan and Omak.

    I am looking forward to seeing the new v2 NAS Whidbey.

    Enjoy the winter vacation.



  • Fantastic! Gets a good frame rate too (the ORBX really affect FPS). Many thanks for making!

    The fact that this kind of scenery development is possible is a shot in the arm for FS2 flyers.

    What would you charge to make me one of these for the Hood River, Oregon airport and surrounding say 15 miles! :)

  • Hi,

    Jetjockey10 , I will do the balancing rock. This is easy with your excellent foto.

    adak47 : I'm happy to see you here. We had a great time with aerofly FS 1!

    whitav8 , yes, good idea. I wll share this at the weekend when I'm back home.

    @all , these are some preliminary shots from Lake Chelan. Lots of decals...



  • Geez Rodeo, it appears that Lake Chelan airport is practically complete already. I hope you aren’t working on scenery while your wife is skiing, are you?

    As a suggestion for your next airport in the area I think Pangborn Memorial @ Wenatchee would be a great addition. Pangborn serves Lake Chelan with scheduled airlines including Air Alaska flying our Q400 among others.

    This should attract our AFS2 friends to this area that are flying the larger combos and twins.

    Just continue following the Columbia River south from Omak and Chelan to Wenatchee.



  • Hello Rodeo,

    Excellent addition of the Balancing Rock at Omak Lake. Google knows the exact location and a small dirt road leads you straight to it, Thanks for adding this unique feature.

    I added runways at Brewster and Wenatchee to hold me over until you build the real ones. Nice river towns.