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    Greetings fellow flight simmers,

    It's been a while since we have posted anything new and we are beginning to see that it's causing some concerns that the development of Aerofly FS 2 is slowly diminishing. Well i'm here to tell everyone that this is far from accurate, in fact, things are going well. Over the past couple of months following our very well received VR Hands update we once again got back to development. What are we developing that is so secret that we don't want to tell the community you ask? Well, what appears that we are being secretive is in fact a side effect to working on a very complex flight simulator with a very small team.

    Most of you know that an R22 is coming. I can tell you that it's coming along nicely and will be ready for Aerofly FS 2 shortly; but no sooner than the time that needs to be taken to get it to meet the Aerofly standards you all have come to expect.

    How about that logbook? Some have noticed that we mentioned that a new logbook feature will be making its way to Aerofly quite some time ago. Well, I can tell you that nothing handmade, even a smaller feature as basic as a logbook, comes without a new set of issues. This is the result of trying to make a great flight simulator.

    The logbook as well as the R22 will come, please make no mistake about that.

    Now let's get to the more major features like ATC. This too has been talked about since the beginning of time yet still one of the most complex of features that flight simulator developers even with large teams are having difficulty making properly for decades. We are working very hard on this so we ask you to please give us more time while we try to give you an innovative solution that everyone can be proud of. This is a very difficult task, especially since one person is mainly working on this.

    So how about scenery you ask? I can tell you that we are planning on releasing some really nice scenery packages, including the Florida Keys soon so please keep a look out for these new packages.

    I can tell you this, there is not one single person on our team that doesn't have huge dreams for Aerofly and we all want to see every single feature that everyone else wants to see but being realistic we also know that this task is a very big one to achieve. I can assure all of you that we are surely going to try to achieve this.

    I ask all of our wonderful community, especially those of you who have followed us from the beginning even knowing that we are moving too slow yet still remain loyal, to please stay on course with us, and we promise that we will do our best to give you all what you expect, and what you all deserve.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, from your IPACS team.

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • AEFS2 is the Perfect Simulator platform presently available to bring to live features ever wanted / requested by the big majority of the simmers after all, and in some ways already, like when we look at it's VR implementation and overall performance & smoothness...

    Well, I confess I couldn't give hand of my Condorsoaring v2, but my perspective for the future pretty much lays in the direction of AEFS2 evolution because it is the cleanest approach so far, not tied to old engines and idiosyncrasies and being built from scratch but with outstanding detail and quality.

    It's not a sim for those suffering from the typical disease of the XXI Century - Impatience and Consumism, totally forgetting to enjoy what is provided... and instead always focusing on what is not yet provided ...

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  • Cool update. Unfortunately we have to be all aware about the difficulties of adding major features (like ATC) in a simulator. Specially when we are talking about a small team. Hopefully this will payback in the future!

  • Thx for the update.

    Can´t wait to fly the R22 :love:

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  • First reaction: although I do appreciate the post and I'd like to thank you for it just as everybodye else does I am sorry to see it doesn't tell us nothing new at all. It's more of the same 'we are working on it' and 'it will be here soon'. But well, at least it is good to know you guys still seem to be going strong.

    Second reaction: of course I also understand it's hard to give an update when there isn't much news to communicate. Still, I think it's good to post something like this on a regular basis to prevent all kind of rumours so: thanks!

    I don't envy your job. ;)

  • Thanks, I'm sold anyway.

    If you need a BETA tester for the R22 I'm IN.

    10 hours on a real one, mostly fly heli in other sim platform. 30 years of RC heli flying


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    As a member of the IPACS team I promise to work harder at trying to relay as much information as I can to all of you. I will also try to be a little more forgiving here on the forum itself. We looked at this forum as a business marketing tool as well as a place for new users to come onto here to easily get their questions answered rather than a social hangout. This may not be the perfect approach so I'll begin to provide regulars with more freedom here in order to build a stronger core user base. But please understand that we can't allow for certain things like; acting negatively towards another forum member, posting direct links to downloads outside (like Dropbox) as this opens security holes into our domain, being too negatively opinionated towards one of our features upon release as this may shine negative light on potential new buyers.

    But please remember, it's not just the developer that can make a great game, it's also the strong community that backs it up and promotes it. So be a part of our little family and help us make the best flight simulator ever. It's what we all want after all, isn't it?

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    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • Thanks Jeff, it's always good to hear about the latest news from the dev team, doesn't matter how slowly, just helps to know how we are doing.

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  • Hi guys, thank you for the update! the future is bright! I am currently learning to fly and thanks to the Aerofly team can now take off and land in my home strip, with very similar buildings and high detail terrain textures. To take the realism a stage further I had the idea of playing live ATC communications from local airports. Its incredibly immersive. Give it a try!

  • Jeff, regarding your comment "But please remember, it's not just the developer that can make a great game, it's also the strong community that backs it up and promotes it" - has there been any discussion regarding some kind of monthly community/user award/recognition? With a growing group of user-developed scenery & tools that are starting to be shared, maybe we need to come up with a "career" path of achievements for those people so they get formally recognized for those contributions, and it encourages others to give it a try.

    Just like these forums give you Beginner, Student, etc badges on your profile - maybe there's an option for a 2nd badge related to user-created contributions.

    Also to help with community support, maybe we just need a post "User suggestions for Things to do in Aerofly" - I remember a few months ago someone suggested trying to land an F-18 at a tiny runway in the Grand Canyon area that was next to a big cliff. I gave it a try - I didn't know that runway was there!

    I'm sure there are some other ideas out there regarding how to build a strong community!

  • I know of a very long runway near the Grand Canyon. Ken do you remember the name of the runway. I'm always looking to see If I can do something sounds like a great idea.

  • Found the post by Jet-Pack ... "Here is a challenge for you: F18 in Monument Valley, approach from the mountain side, try to land it as short as possible. You may either do a low level, low speed turn or you can fly over top the terrain, then dive down and try to make it. Both are really hard but its doable and really challenging. You have to predict the motion and inertia for this one."

    I was only off my 200 miles :)

  • My first flight in December 2017 with the DVD version made me a loyal user of this glorious simulator. The amazing scenery, gorgeous aircraft, and performance hooked me!

    I’m not going elsewhere!

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