Tecnam P2008 project

  • but the result looks fine so far.

    Yes. :)

    Devons rig

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  • Hi Sylvain

    Thank you so much for this project, I have been really wanting an ultralight or fixed-wing microlight. I fly Skyranger Nynja and this is close enough in terms of size, better than the Cessna.

    Any info about future availability, is this free or paid? Happy to pay or donate by the way, to encourage more development.

  • Looking good indeed, including the GPS, even more important as the AeroflyFS2 Moving Map still doesn't work under VR.

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • I'm on vacation this week so I made good progress. Still far from finished though.

    Here is a little video of the beast in action.

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  • Great job Sylvain, will be a nice looking and vivid plane besides your fine C152 that I occasionally fly for short VFR flights. Thank you for the effort

    you make to please the AFS2-simmers.;)

    Real name: Johnny

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  • Hello everyone,

    A little feedback of last week's work. I have focused on the TMD, especially the fuel system. I now have a nice almost perfect fuel system with :

    - fuel consumption from left or right tank depending on the selected tank (quite basic you will say);

    - the engine will fail if the usable fuel is burned in the selected tank (about 3% unusable);

    -the tanks can be refueled. I have setup a minimum security rules for that :

    1) the fuel selector must be set to off position

    2) the battery switch must be set to off

    So this means you better check your tanks before take-off if you don't want problems during your flight. No panic though, with full tanks you have about 4 hours range.

    The tanks can be refueled separately. To refuel one tank, you simply click on the needle of tank you want to refuel.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) : I have a problem with the refilling function which I have copied and fine tuned from the Just FLight Cessna 152. Once a tank is refilled it seems that it is overfilled. I can fly one hour without seeing the needle moving a yota. I have not checked this on the C152, maybe it's the same.

    So the state of the plane so far:

    - modelling 100% finished. At least I decided so. You can always add a screw here, a bolt there, but the time has come to say stop;

    - texturing is 99% finished for the cockpit including specular, ambient, reflections and normal mapping. Still some work on the exterior textures...

    - last but not least, add a few liveries. If you guys, have some special repaints in mind, please let me know. if possible add some detailed pictures.

    What about a release date? Well, it's almost Christmas, you might have a little surprise below the Xmas tree.

    Best, Sylvain

  • Hello Sylvain,

    You know how bashful I am at asking for repaints, so I figure if you are asking then it is ok to throw one in the ring. This one looks modern enough and should support just about any country's number on the fuselage. Also the red, could be blue, black, yellow, or whatever. If you need an N number, I can suggest N467SR. Thanks for all your creative work.

  • Well if Ray is asking... So will I (LOL)...

    A couple of beauties for Canada and the UK. And thanks again for your work, regardless of whatever colour schemes do or do not come out of your "factory."

    - Kenneth