Moving Map (M) - Display Issues

  • Good day,

    I seem to be having some erratic behavior with the moving map (M) after the recent updates. I wanted to report what I am getting, but also ask what I should expect. Is the map supposed to be translucent or solid? The translucent is hard to read, but the flashing (see below) is obviously an issue.

    In cockpit view Moving map will

    a. Flash rapidly if POV is facing into the sun

    b. Be very translucent and difficult to read when not facing the sun

    c. Be solid (as it used to be months ago) and very readable at two very narrow unique pan points (@45 degrees L/R behind the pilot, not related to sun direction)

    - see attached pics

    *I am using OGL, most settings Ultra, and have tried different shadow options with similar results. I have 1060 card with updated graphics drivers and tried removing some config files as suggested in other posts but problems persist.

    In external view I tend to just get the translucent map. On some flights I am finding it starts translucent and then changes over to a solid map. What is up, is it just my rig? What is it supposed to look like - I thought I read somewhere IPACS was making the map more translucent due to user request - is that true?

    Thanks for any insight or comparisons from other users :thumbup:

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    The map should generally be a bit translucent and we did investigate a report from a different forum member stating a possible bug with the map but we didn't find anything wrong during testing it.

    Your report is a bit more detailed so please give us a little bit of time to try to reproduce this and determine if it's a bug or not.

    Thank you for letting us know about this

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  • I am having the same problem and I am thinking it may have something to do with TrackIr 5. If I look straight ahead the moving map is fine but when looking left or right the map turns translucent . Also my drivers are up to date and I am using a GTX 1050 ti.


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    Kind of related question. Moving map feature is currently not available while in VR, correct?

    Correct, not at this time

  • For me iIt depends on the heading, the view and the aircraft.

    C172 + Dr400 in cockpit = OK when I look forward, transparent when I look left or right.
    C172 + Dr 400 outside view = transparent all the way.

    Jungmeister = always OK

    C172 flickers very quickly when facing the sun (low sun at morning or evening) during take off (depends on the angle of attack).

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    Are any of you guys using TrackIR and seeing these problems?

    No matter what I do I can't seem to recreate this error.

  • same Problem with the Extra in 2d.

    sometimes the map is solid, sometimes transparent, like the screenshots here in this thread.

    One add: The map seams to display the cultivation objects. You possibly want to exclude them from this display.

    (no trackir, i am using open gl)

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  • So, I did a reinstall of drivers and deleted Main.mcf - this resolved the issue but only when the (I) Information Panel was active. If I turned it off the whole transparent/flashing thing began. With the panel active the problem was still evident when using Camera (3) (exterior no plane) and facing into the sun...the flashing began and it was transparent (so you may try that view Jeff if you are having a hard time replicating).

    No, TrackIR. Using Steam edition.

    Confirmed NVIDA control panel in default state.

    Hope that helps.

    *I tried putting back the problem Main.mcf in place of the new clean one and that indeed recreated the problem. I can attach that for you if that would help you troubleshoot.

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    Thank you for the detailed response. This will help a lot.

    Yes if you can please attach the troubled tm log so that I can match them up.

  • Hallo!

    Habe die gleichen Fehler: Moving Map (M) erscheint transparent, - bei Sonneneinstrahlung flackert die Anzeige, - Landmarken (Taste L) werden nicht mehr angezeigt.

    Nach Einschalten der Fluginformation ( I ) funktionierte alles bestens. (ist aber ja nicht die Lösung für das Problem.

    Nach einer kompletten Neuinstallation des Hauptprogramms sowie Switzerland, USA-New York und USA-Florida war noch alles in Ordnung.

    Nach Installation von Update v2001105.exe funktionierte auch noch alles perfekt.

    Nach Installation des Updates v2.01.05.33.exe traten alle oben genannten Fehler wieder auf.

    Viele Grüsse

  • + 1 on this MAP bug, it flickers like crazy in nearby to clouds , perhaps also in close to airports certain altitudes?

    Also a bit "too much" see through on the MAP, would like a option to make it less of a see through

    I think this bug is both in Vulcan and Open-GL

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