Aerofly FS 2 Steam Release EC135 now available!

  • Dear Aerofly FS fans,

    After several updates in the Steam Alpha channel we are now moving to the BETA phase of our Aerofly FS 2 Steam version.

    This update includes all of the Alpha features with some additional improvements.

    For those that skipped the Alpha stage and missed our initial annoucement, here is a run down of the main new features that we added to Aerofly FS:

    • Added EC135 twin turboshaft helicopter
    • New implementation of the location dialog with Cold-and-Dark aircraft state selection, airport search, airport close-up view
    • New implementation of the navigation dialog with more powerful route planning, search function, real world departures (SIDs), arrivals (STARs) and approaches.
    • Improved startup time and scenery loading time
    • Added A320 and Learjet 45 engine start, new A320 sounds and callout voices
    • Many other improvements like new C90GTx glass cockpit features, more in-depth flight planning from within the cockpit using the (M)CDU devices and the new SIDs, STARs and approaches

    Changes made compared to the previous Alpha build:

    • Changed Route lateral steering improvement, better cycling to next waypoint
    • Added Route vertical constraints and speed constraint

    • Added A320 new cruise altitude message

    • Added EC135 low and high skid variants depending on the selected repaint

    • Changed EC135 improved flight model with the help of professional pilots

    • Changed EC135 numerous improvements to the engine and aircraft systems

    • Changed EC135 new sounds for blade flap and engine start

  • Thanks for the lower skids option ! :)

    I guess alpha and beta build on Steam are still the same?
    Very curious about the improved flightmodel EC 135, hope to find some time with it later today....


    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Quest 2 with Pro Headmount, 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

  • Thank you IPACS. This is great news for everyone. I may suggest releasing the beta onto mobile devices as well so that we can be certain nothing drastic goes wrong when the update comes to mobile.

  • Wow...Flightmodel EC-135 seems close to perfect now to me, the new rotor sounds are great.

    What a gentle lady, almost too easy to fly compared to the Robbie, but i love it!

    Will be a perfect first heli to learn helicopter flight, the R22 is still my favourite, but can be a little hard to start with...

    Thanks again IPACS team !


    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Quest 2 with Pro Headmount, 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

  • Thanks IPACS for that new build, it has solved my 2 issues !

    First my Reverb works normally with the support of the 6 axes (with the alpha build only rotation axes was working, not the translations ones).

    Secondly the pedals of the EC135 no longer go nuts when you are in overtorque. I now understood that it was necessary to be careful with the overtorque (much more than with the R22) but with the alpha I could not get out of it, even by fully pressing the right pedal and lowering the collective. But now with the beta build I can not even trigger the problem, even by fully pressing the left pedal in overtorque. And for me it's much better this way! :)

    BTW there is no more pro mode for the EC135?

  • OMG!! Ipacs you nailed it!

    I can now do wing overs in the EC135,

    The blade flap sounds orgasmic, I swear I can even hear the air vent subtly when you turn it up! The sounds are awesome the attention to detail just breathtaking and the flight model is beautiful. I love it! Thank you, and keep up the amazing work, you guys are wonderful.

  • I guess its only expert mode for now and this one might not need an 'easy option' like the R22....

    Bit of a rough flight with this gentle lady to get a feel of the improved flightmodel. I lowered the collective too much in a roll and nearly crashed.

    Better is just a bit of lower collective when upside down then it rolls quite nicely... :)

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    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Quest 2 with Pro Headmount, 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

  • Unfortunately on a Mac, the EC135 is no longer functional for me, neither alpha nor beta.

    I've tried trashing main.mcf but still the impressive 3d Stop sign. The R22 works very nicely though.

    The trouble seems to begin here:

    1.71-tmmodelmanager: loading dynamics begin 'ec135'...

    1.73-tmfile_properties: WARNING: property 'EventModeSwitchedOffLateral' is not a member of type 'mode_annunciator_ec135' hash=11805263664507508915.

    1.73-tmfile_properties: WARNING: property 'EventModeSwitchedOffVertical' is not a member of type 'mode_annunciator_ec135' hash=4096542859514932704.

    1.73-tmfile_properties: property |EventModeSwitchedOffLateral| not found in this context |mode_annunciator_ec135|

    1.74-tmfile_properties: property |EventModeSwitchedOffVertical| not found in this context |mode_annunciator_ec135|

    1.74-tmmodelmanager: ERROR: object 'CDU' not found

  • Meine Welt der Hubschrauber,Danke an IPACS,und denn Piloten die es ermöglicht gemacht haben so ein Geiles Teil auf die Beine zu stellen.:thumbup::thumbup:;):):):)

    Nur noch eine Frage an Jan ,kann es sein das im A320 Cockpit die geräusche etwas hoch sind???

    Und wäre es möglich den A320 zb. in Innsbruck direkt auf die Gelbe liene der Parkposition zu stellen??

    Vielen Dank und schönen Sonntag euch allen.:)

  • Dual throttle on the collective on the EC135 can not be manipulated from my throttle axis, ( Throttle works on the r22).

    I have the throttle axis on both aeroplane ( all four) and helicopter throttle but it wont move the throttles in game.

    Is that me or is that the way it is in the Alpha and Beta?

  • Hello, is it Orbx Innsbruck? Sorry for the offtopic, but how is the framerate? Recently bought Paris from France VFR, but it is unplayable in VR :-( Now I try to get some ffedback on that before purchasing...

  • There seems to be a very soft background continuous rotor sound coming through, even when the ec135 is cold and dark switched off, does anyone else hear this?

    Yeah, I have that too. (Aerofly FS 2Version (20200830); MacBookPro 2018)

    Tschüss, Michael (🍎🚁)

    Configuration: MacBookPro 15-inch, 2018; Pocessor: 2,9 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i9; RAM: 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4; Graphics board: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB)