Fav Airliner of Users

  • What Airliner you fly most of the times 39

    1. A320 (18) 46%
    2. A380 (4) 10%
    3. B737 Classic (4) 10%
    4. B737-900ER (12) 31%
    5. B737 MAX9 (10) 26%
    6. B747-400 (3) 8%
    7. B777-300ER (8) 21%
    8. B787-10 (11) 28%
    9. DASH 8-Q400 (4) 10%
    10. CRJ 900 (2) 5%
    11. Concorde (2) 5%
    12. Ju 52 (1) 3%

    Fav Airliner of Aerofly Global FS Users :!:


    150000 Nautical Miles of flying done with Aerofly Global FS
    Longest Flight [VHHH-CYYZ] 15H25M 7589 NM B77W

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  • Been wanting the 737ng variants ever since late 2021, as the newer variants were my go-to airliners to use in flight sims.

    Now that both the -900 and the max 9 (which was a good surprise) were added with amazing models and sounds (especially on the -900), it's what I use the most for flights.

  • In my case it's funny because ingame stats doesn't reflect the reality, only the real time AF has been open and active while flying them. Not the total times you used a plane.

    In my case it use to be some of these depending on what I want to do. I'd also would represent a logical path or series of normal flights:

    LEARJET: All that comes to mind, plus trying to fly from and to areas normally suiited for smaller airplanes.

    CONCORDE: Pretty much anything that comes to mind, challenges I set myself, and also emulating "real" routes.

    737 NG: Comercial flights and specially when coming or leaving Canary Islands or europe comercial airports.

    KING AIR: "Bush" landing and smaller routes from difficult areas to some bigger airports.

    F15: Looking for new areas and try to do some difficult things like flying slow with high angle of attack, reaching max altitudes, landing or taking off on smallest air strips etc.

    Helicopter EC135: Helipads, etc. Specially on montainous areas such as Lukla to Everest basecamp, also cities, and trying to land on top of the most ridiculous things. Also some difficult piloting through narrow passages through mountains come to mind.

    Some tlme ago, and still sometimes I also fly 747,777 300-ER, A320, 787, F18, CESSNA.

    "Logical" flight routes I sometimes do.

    I could for example represent as close as reality how a flight from some big airport into the Everest would look like starting with either a private jet to a big airport in India or a commercial flight. Then a turboprop such as the BARON or the King Air to Lukla since we don't have the planes that actually flight groups there. In some ocassions I use CESSNA to make it slower or Learjet if I fancy a challenge. From there I take a helicopter to basecamp up the hill.. And then reverse the route all the way to point of origin.

    The screenshot is from the 2nd helipad (not the closest I was referring to) where I stopped on my way down to "pick up" some passengers before returning to LUKLA. You can tell how deeply detailing the scenarios IPACS has been. What an amazing job guys.

  • Only Ju. :)

    And maybe the A320, 737Classic.


    I think the fact that the Ju 52 is so nicely done adds value to the simulator. Even if she's not very popular in this poll. I think it's because the "glass cockpit" in the Ju 52 is above your head and not on the instrument panel. ;)


    My Herpa 1/160 Ju 52 in a Ferrero Rocher box.

    In other words, my situation is serious, but not hopeless yet...

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  • This poll is about 3 most flown and fav aircraft of users. Obviously i do fly all of them and most of us do the same but we always have fav airliners that we fly most this post is about that

    Your " middle of market " aircraft list is quit a lot i think it would take ages to launch these aircrafts which you have mentioned 😀

    My fav airliners:

    ^ A320

    ^ B77W

    ^ B78X


    150000 Nautical Miles of flying done with Aerofly Global FS
    Longest Flight [VHHH-CYYZ] 15H25M 7589 NM B77W

    Bluestacks 5 Emulator

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  • time to get 160 more to build a whole plane



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