• affs2 has no vfr terrain, so i would go with A380, B737-900, B787

    or finish existing models before starting new ones? current are far from complete.

    most models are available for other platforms, why not cooperating with the experts?

    think about converting those to accelerate affs2's pipeline on real needs like nav, atc, ai, wx, fpl, ground ops, etc. 😯

    No VFR terrain...? Imho Aerofly FS 2 is very suited for VFR thanks to the photoscenery. And imho the scenery is less suited for airliners because the regions aren't extremely huge, specially not for those big lone range airliners you are asking for.

    Concerning the models being far from complete: these are default airplanes. How complete are default airplanes from other sims? I don't think any of the default planes in FSX for instance is as good as Aerofly's Dash or Airbus. Yes, they aren't complete but offer quite a bit, I'd say.

    And converting FSX/P3D/XP planes to Aerofly FS 2 isn't that easy: this sim uses a totally different system so those planes have to be almost build up from the ground again.

  • The Q-400 in AEFS2 is actually IMH the most advanced default aircraft ever offered in any general civil flightsim I have used. The level of customization put, for instance but certainly not only, to the implementation of the Q-400 turbines is unique.

    People from other forums will know how important --> for me <-- the correct depiction of daylight and Moon according to date is :-). Well, even if AEFS2's Moon always shows the same phase when out of New Moon, it does get depicted with correct ephemeris and the daylight as a function of latitude - given that AEFS2 uses, by default, the PC date ( current ) is very good - tried it at various places on Earth just to check !

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  • People from other forums will know how important the correct depiction of daylight and Moon according to date is :-).

    People from other forums will surely know how important this is to you! 8);):thumbup:

  • Well, currently I have nothing to wish for on te aircraft side. Eventually an agile Airbus longhaulr like the A330 would be great. Or the Boeing 777, which they are already working on. (767/787 are also great planes, love the sound on the 767

    People from other forums will surely know how important this is to you! 8);):thumbup:

    Of course Jeroen, that was what I meant to write, but missed - already edited :)

    Very few simmers care about that detail. I do, in every sim I use, and even my IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow depict it perfectly ( including the correct Moon phase ) and DCS World does it too, although not so perfect in terms of Moon phase.

    But my IFR long used / preferred training sim, ELITE IFR, has been doing it in perfection since v7 ...

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  • Lancair Legacy

    Ultralight trike (must be great in VR!)

    Helicopter Bell 222

    Boeing 737 Next Generation

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  • Well, I'd like to see in the future some models which can open something new. Like Falcon 7X with it's EASy II, FalconEye, DFCS FBW

    or a modern fighter jet with thrust vectoring system. But before - the "benchmarks" - finished Q400 with HGS, finished A320, B777 and others.

  • Of course Jeroen, that was what I meant to write, but missed - already edited


    Ultralight trike (must be great in VR!)

    Yes, I would like a trike too! Would love to fly one over Orbx's Innsbruck!

    I see a lot of requests for fighters: I personally don't care for fighters at all in a civilian flight sim and I never ever fly them. I can imagine the fun of them in a combat sim (I flew a lot of those in the eighties and nineties) but not in a civilian flight sim like Aerofly. So I hope IPACS won't spend too much time on planes like that. 8o

  • Very personal but one can dream :):

    - Airbus A300 B2

    - Dassault Mercure

    - Sud-Aviation Caravelle

    - De Havilland Comet (DH 106)

    - Nord 262

    - Transall C-160

    - Nord 2501 Noratlas

    - Douglas DC-10

    - Socata Rallye

    - ATR 42

    - Dassault Mystère 20

    - Sud-Aviation Alouette III

    - SA330 Puma

  • I prefer not to mention so many, because it will not be possible for IPACS to develop that much airplanes (probably other developers will, as DLC?).

    For me the venerable DC-3, and if you let me mention another one, it would be the ATR-42 or -72!.

    Cheers, Ed

  • from what i see almost no aircraft that hasn't made it to this wishlist lol.

    737NG getting most likes it seems,

    same on other sims like p3D and xplane11 (3rd party developper),

    for a good reason i agree, probably the most realistic model with the greatest fun factor.

    Personally, under consideration of time frame, product landscape diversification, feasability,

    prioritization, and overall completion of aerofly's flight experience line, i would vote on

    putting all efforts on the helicopter thing now.

    Let's build some really nice orbx spots for low flight and put in some really cool helicopters.

    This is a niche worth to conquer and that could prove ipacs' capabilities for the next decade.