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Navigating in Aerofly FS 2 was designed to be quick and simple yet have full functionality and flexibility. In this chapter you will find a quick introduction on how to select your flight location and get you up and flying without having to set up a flight plan, as well as how to set up a complete flight plan.

Start Location

The first step for any flight is to select your starting location. You can either choose an airport with a specific runway or you can start mid air at a certain altitude. Note - Use location to also select your starting position or departure airport when creating a flight plan. Note - Adding any new DLC will automatically show up on the location map once download completes.

From the main menu open the map by clicking on 'Location'. The map can be moved and zoomed in or out. A left mouse button click or “game control/execute” button press anywhere on the map places your aircraft in the location chosen. Note - selecting a location other than an airport places your aircraft in air. Select your altitude by sliding the bar on the right side of the screen up to the altitude that you prefer your aircraft to begin at. You can adjust the flight direction by rotating the course indicator with your mouse. Note - You can show or hide various symbols or center the map by pressing the icons at the bottom left of the map.

Selecting an airport icon opens the airport runway map with various starting positions. Select the starting location by clicking on one of the airplane icons. Once you make your selection you will be taken back to the main screen. From the main menu screen, press “Start” and you will be placed at the location that you selected on the map.

Setting up a flight plan

Creating a flight plan sets up your route from your departure airport to your destination airport. A flight plan can also be set up from any location on the map to a destination airport.

Once your location is set (see Select Location), open “Navigation” from the main menu. On this map you will see the current position of your aircraft (chosen previously from the Location Map).

Move the map around to locate your destination airport. Once you locate the airport that you wish to land at, simply click on it with your left mouse button or “game control/execute” button press. You will see your landing options in the window to the right of the map, simply click on the runway that you wish to land at.

Note - You will see a green line connecting your current location with the destination airport runway that you chose. If you don't like that route, you can simply choose a different runway or different airport all together. If a former route is displayed then simply click on the Clear Route icon on the top right of the screen to delete the old one.

Once you have your route set up, you can add waypoints by clicking on one of the current VORs or add any location (maybe a sightseeing location). Once you click on your new waypoint on the map you will see the new location in the window to the right of your map, simply click “Add to Route”. You will then see the route modified. Note - You can remove waypoints by selecting the waypoint and selecting “Remove From Route.

Once your flight plan is created it can be seen in different scenarios while flying:

  • If your aircraft has a GPS equipped, you will see the route displayed on the GPS.
  • You can use the Flight Path Indicator to follow the route to your destination.
  • You can follow your route on the HUD if selected.
  • You can follow your route on any moving map if selected.
  • On some aircraft autopilot will also follow your flight plan.
  • Your route is shown on the flight information bar.

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