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Video Tutorials

Are you a visual learner? Then look no further. In this section you will find a series of video tutorials for scenery creation. This library of videos will grow over time but this should get you started creating your favorite scenery in no time. These videos should compliment the detailed written tutorials also found on this wiki. Be sure to review all available information as some important information may be missing from the videos.

A special thank you to Dr. Karl-Heinz (Rodeo) for taking the time to get this started.

Developing in AC3D

Aerial Image in AC3D

Placing XREF Objects In AC3D

Runway Design With AC3D

Runway Options in AC3D

Conversion Into Aerofly Scenery

Import 3D objects into Aerofly FS 2

Cultivation Made Easy

Adding Cultivation To Your Scenery

Cultivation is a very new way for generating mass production of foliage, buildings, and even lighting. This video tutorial will show you how to generate your very own cultivation by using our new techniques along with the help of some 3rd part applications (which you will be able to download below). Note: Cultivation is still in early stages therefore some changes to the technique and/or process may change.

Learning cultivation

Tutorial Requirements

ScenProc Download

Definition file used in tutorial

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