famous bush plane now flying in FS2

  • The de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is a single-engine, high wing, propeller-driven, STOL aircraft developed by de Havilland Canada, primarily known as a bush plane. It is used for cargo and passenger hauling, aerial application (crop dusting and aerial topdressing), and has been widely adopted by armed forces as a utility aircraft. The U.S. Army Air Corps purchased several hundred and nine DHC-2s are still in service with the US Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) for search and rescue. A Royal New Zealand Air Force Beaver supported Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition to the South Pole. Over 1,600 Beavers were produced until 1967 when the original line shut down, and today the aircraft is in such demand that there is a steady market for finding surplus examples in air museums and rebuilding them.

    The Beaver is the most famous bush plane in the world, and the most-produced all-Canadian aircraft. Due to this success, the Royal Canadian Mint commemorated the Beaver on a special edition Canadian quarter in November 1999.

    This is only the Alpha version today but, it will not take much to move to beta. For now, it only comes in the Amphibian version (floats with retractable landing gear) which is the most versatile version for a sea plane. Four liveries came with the package: Default same as Trans-Provcincial Airlines markings with orange tail except with a blue-gray tail, Norcanair, white with blue-gray trim with white wing bars, and a Canadian Army drab green camo. The Army livery has the olive green panel color to match, all the others have the bright white. See pic below.

    At this early stage it is unknown if and when additional version or editions will be added. I would expect as a minimum a standard wheeled version, possibly a tundra wheel version and maybe even a pure float version. This is all conjecture today.

    The Beaver is very flyable as it arrived, however, practically none of the switch or knobs are active yet. The propeller level needs some fine tuning and the water rudder and landing gear has a noticeable shimmy at certain speeds. These minor items certainly does keep one from flying it and getting familiar with some of the details.

    Of all the 20 something models that krzysk has introduced to AFS2 the one seems to have to most potential for world-wide acceptance. That might be because when you look up 'bush plane' in the dictionary you will find a picture of the DHC-2 Beaver. and the fact that it is the first bush plane for Aerofly FS2.

    I wrote an extensive avsim.com review of the Milviz DHC-2 Beaver not long before moving over to Aerofly FS2. Should you wish to know more about Beavers this review one would be a good read. Keep in mind that Milviz flight models are among the most technically correct and flyable models available for flight sims. It will be most likely be many years before FS2 is capable of supporting that level of simulation. https://www.avsim.com/home/rev…-beaver-bush-plane-r4199/

    But today, here is what the FS2 Beaver has for us.

  • I don't really understand, are all those new aircraft available as of now or are you planning to make them publicly available in the future? I haven't seen a download link yet.

    The download link is spread around in different threads. At GitHub you can browse the available aircraft available as freeware. All are considered beta test models at this time.

    Look for a green download zip file for each model. Follow the installation instructions and unzip, rename, and copy to your user aircraft folder. Make sure the aircraft folder name is in the direct path under your user aircraft folder.

    Download here:




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  • Tried them they don't show up in the aircraft list and or work.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, Intel Pentium G2130 @ 3.20GHz, 16.0 GB RAM DDR3, ASUS H61M-K, Graphics PHL 273V5 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960, Thrustmaster Joystick and Home Made Rudder Pedals.

  • MANY THANKS to Oli716 and Jetjockey10, removing the "-master" did the trick.

    Regards Michael.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, Intel Pentium G2130 @ 3.20GHz, 16.0 GB RAM DDR3, ASUS H61M-K, Graphics PHL 273V5 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960, Thrustmaster Joystick and Home Made Rudder Pedals.

  • You need to sign up to github. Then click on the planés name then appears subfolders and at the right a green button, where you can choose « download », then download the plane, unzip it and remove « master » in the name, once downloaded

    You dont have to sign up, download also without it.

  • Many thanks, these are awesome :)

    There are a couple of issues on the Mac version of FS2 (

    - Rutan Long-EZ - crashes the app after selecting the aircraft and pressing the Start button to begin flying.

    - Beechcraft C18S - OK in the air; but on the ground the plane keeps resetting like after a plane crash (rear door starts to open, then plane resets).

  • I have been away from AFS2 for about 6 months I think. I re-installed it over the last few days because of the promise of third party aircraft. The announcement of upcoming aircraft from JustFlight is wonderful, and the freeware mentioned here (although simplistic so far) is exactly the start I have hoped to see. It can only get better. I am very pleased to see this.