Turbo Arrow soon on Aerofly FS2

  • They didn't hack our code to add displays, so how would they have found a way.

    And don't get me wrong, we already have a huge navigation database with airways, airspaces, etc. we just have not gathered that data to be loaded in aerofly, but that is not really hard, just takes time away from other projects, you know the deal.

    We will see if we can help JustFlight to make an interactive and working navigation device. We can't promise you anything at this time but I'll at least look into it, see if it is feasible.

    Go for it! JF need to release an aircraft which has distinctive and significant improvements on everything else that comes standard with FS2. That way everyone will want to buy it and they'll have a success on their hands which we all want.

  • It sounds to me that an invitation to Flight1 might be in order. They are light years ahead of the others when it come to navigational devices. Their GTN 650 and 750 and GNS devices are already 3rd party direct linked add ons for all the main line developers. This includes the Just Flight Duchess 76 and Turbo Arrow IV.



  • Generally speaking, I think that the Aerofly developers should try to team up with more 3rd party developers to add essential content to Aerofly that already exists for the well established platforms. HiFi Sim for a weather engine, Flight 1 for navigational devices and maybe also AI traffic... P3D and Xplane are also heavily dependant on 3rd party Addons, you'll have a hard time finding a screenshot from either one that doesn't use an addon of some sort. That way the IPACS team could focus on developing the core engine. With more content available customers interest in the simulator would increase, which again would help sales of 3rd party content. That's what we are seeing with xplane at the moment and I'm hoping Aerofly will grow in a similar way.

  • Hi Guys,

    I was now thinking for a couple of hours if I should post this here or not.

    Anyway, I was writing a few times in the Bücker Thread that work life keeps me still busy, what is absolutly true. I just didn't write what it is. I'm working for JustFlight and converting the Arrow into FS2.

    Here are some additional pictures I took a moment ago, exclusively for you :)

    This is only a quick and dirty repaint I made for myself (it was very helpful for checking the maps). We owned the real one for 13 years, so the Turbo Arrow is very well known to me.


  • WOW..... Just WOW....

    Thank you for sharing this information. It is fantastic to know that we have someone in the community who has the information, knowledge, experience, and expertise to take an aircraft from another platform and convert it to AFS2.

    In short, this is the fulcrum moment gentlemen. This is the salutary breakthrough that can bring us the wishes fulfilled of an ever-expanding fleet of aircraft for this platform. Not just the commercial ones, but also the very best of the past freeware for the MSFS platform.

    The knowledge exists to do this. That is the best flightsimming news of the day!

    - Kenneth

  • Kai is a team of one.


    Anyone else want to ask JustFlight to port their Chipmunk over too?

    - Kenneth

    Looks like Kai is your guy for bringing the Chipmunk over.


    Well, I am totally flabbergasted or whatever that expression is. A team of double digits are working on the Duchess and are nowhere near having a completed project.


  • kai503 I now know who I can tell my secrets to because you seem to be really good at keeping them! This is absolutely fantastic news!

    Thanks, Jake :D Now I know how a double life feels. At least in a forum 8)

    I can't say too much about the details yet. Only that she can do a lot already and some more nice features will be coming.

    I can't also say much about future projects, The Arrow is my first plane and most likely not the last one.


    No kidding...

    Kai, please put that to the people at JF. If Alex Ford is still there, tell him the request comes from Kenneth Kerr. He and I go back almost 25 years to when they published the addons of my company.

    - Kenneth

    I can't promise anything, but I'll keep your post in mind, Kenneth.

    To all;

    Please understand that it is actually a lot of work to port an plane over from FSX to FS2. I'm keeping track on the hours. I will not tell how many I have spent already, but don't believe that it's done in 100 hours or something.


  • Kai, I very much understand. Where I am excited is not that you (as one person), have to spend masses of time doing this, I am excited that the knowledge itself now exists, and this can be taught to others who will leverage it. Eventually, it will lead to an army of people converting aircraft to this platform. This is the way it happened with Microsoft Flight Sim. I know, because I was one of the first to develop third party materials for it. History can repeat itself, and likely at a far quicker rate than what we saw with the MS platform.

    Good luck with your work.

    - Kenneth

  • Kenneth,

    I expect to see advancements on a lot of fronts in the near future. We almost have a freeware weather program, we have the gazillion ports of airplanes from krzysk1, a couple of JF airplanes are in work, Jeff is in the finally throws of having his traffic program, TomSimMuc and Friends are making outstanding scenery with advancements every hour including thing they were told that were no possible - like lights on the road traffic, and there is talk about opening up the navigation system for GPS, flat displays and more.

    If you still using that old clunker PC this might be a good time to spec out a new one for all this stuff coming down the pike? ;)



  • This news is really the holy grail:saint: !!! :P:thumbup:Thank you very much kai503! ;) In the past, I was a follower of JustFlight for FSX, but now with AFS2, we are going to have the TOP !!!:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I hope that the list will be long ... The shopping cart will quickly fill8o





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