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King Air C90 Gtx

Autopilot Description

  • Press the FD button to show the flight director(s)
  • Press the button for the heading, it should activate the HDG mode, push it a second time and it goes back to ROLL.
  • Push the heading knob in to set the heading to the heading of the aircraft (SYNC)
  • Push the altitude button and it should select altitude hold, push it again to go back to pitch hold.
  • Push the vertical speed button, it goes to VS, push again goes back to pitch.
  • FLC for a speed hold (IAS climb or descent), use speed knob to select the speed you want… push FLC again, goes back to pitch hold
  • When in VS or PITCH you can use the vertical wheel to pitch the nose up/down…

To change the navigation source to follow the FMS flight plan you currently have to press the NAV/BRG button

  • After selecting the right source on your side make sure the white arrow is pointing to your side (can be changed with the CPL button).
  • Then push NAV to arm the capture (When you are close to the route it will engage FMS lateral steering and follow the route.)
  • There is no VNAV climb installed in our King air, so climb with PITCH, VS or FLC.(Descent with VS, FLC or VNAV)
  • Then change source to NAV1 or NAV2 (depending on where you entered the ILS frequency) and then push APPR to fly the approach.
  • You can also leave it in FMS source and push approach but that will give you an non precision approach.

V Speeds

What are the v-speeds?

Symbol Notes Indicated Air Speed
Vmca 90 KIAS
Vsse 97 KIAS
Vx 101 KIAS
Vy 111 KIAS
Vxse 100 KIAS
Vyse 107 KIAS
Va 169 KIAS
Vref 100 KIAS
Vmo 208 KIAS
Vfe 35% 178 KIAS
100% 137 KIAS
Vle 156 KIAS
Retraction Only 129 KIAS


Balked Landing Climb 95 KIAS
Glide 125 KIAS
Turbulent Air 161 KIAS

Cruise Climb

To 10,000 FT 150 KIAS
10,000 FT - 20,000 FT 130 KIAS
20,000 FT - 25,000 FT 120 KIAS
25,000 FT - 30,000 FT 110 KIAS

Note- Vmca and Vy are not indicated on ASI.

Take-off Speeds

Weight (LBS) Take-Off Speeds (KIAS)
Rotate At 50'
9650 97 106
9500 96 105
9000 95 104
8500 94 103
8000 92 102
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