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Content Created by Our Users

Using our public and free Aerofly FS SDK (Software Development Kit) a ton of users created their own aircraft, aircraft repaints, airports, scenery objects, scenery cultivation and aerial images.

User created content should be installed in the Aerofly FS User Folder.

Uploaded to the official IPACS Forum

Aircraft Repaints

IPACS Forum Repaints
User made aircraft repaints, uploaded to the official IPACS forum.

Scenery Objects

IPACS Forums Scenery
User made scenery objects made by users and uploaded to the official IPACS forums.

Here are external links to some of their creations. Please note that IPACS does not have control over the content provided on these pages as they are purely community driven. When experiencing issues like crashes with Aerofly FS please try to uninstall these user made creations first to check if the issue is caused be them.

Large amounts of user made scenery, even displayed on a global map.

FS Cloudport
Over 3000 airports with runways, ground objects and vehicles and more, created by users.

Aircraft and Repaints
Almost 170 repaints and also some add-on aircraft made by our community.
Add-on aircraft developed with assistance of and published through one of our IPACS team-members.

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