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Did You Know?

Welcome to our DID YOU KNOW? series. In this section you will learn about features and functions that you may not have known existed or was possible in Aerofly FS 2. We will continually add to this as they are publicly released.

Airbus 320 flightplan preview in cockpit

Did you know that you can preview the flight plan now from within the cockpit of the Airbus A320?

When you rotate the knob for the navigation display mode to “PLAN” and then press the flight plan (F-PLN) page on the MCDU you can use the MCDU arrow keys to step through the remaining route. The MCDU shows you the planned altitudes as well as the calculated track for the legs and on the navigation display you chose to display the constraints now, too! That way you know which altitudes you need to dial in for the descent.

A320 landing gear errors

In the A320, do you keep getting the message 'gear not uplocked' or 'gear not downlocked'?

Be sure to retract the landing gear before you reach 260kts, otherwise the hydraulics are cut off.

Opening doors, windows, and canopies

Today we are going to talk about doors, windows, and canopies OH MY!

As many of you know, we have been busy updating our aircraft fleet with additional functionality, but did you know you can now open some doors, windows, and even a sun visor or two. So let's take a look at what we have done so far. In the below photos we are using our virtual hands but each function also works with your mouse as well!

In the Cessna you will find that the door and window opens:

In the Extra you will find that the canopy opens:

In the Pitts the canopy also opens up:

In the A320 the window opens by sliding it back:

The Q400 has a couple of things that we wanted to point out- the map door opens and our favorite thing so far, check out that HUD!

The B737 window opens up;

And last but not least, the Learjet sun visors now operate:

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