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Requirements on graphics card (PC version)

grafikkarteFor Aerofly you`ll need a 3D graphics card AMD (ATI) or -R series or a Nvidia Geforce GTX.

You need to be aware of the OnBoard graphics chip in your desktop PC. There may be newer generations of onboard graphic chips running Aerofly, but for a smooth performance you are advised to use a high performance 3D graphics card.

A recommendation from practice:

A recent tip is the new GeForce GTX 750 Ti Slim. The installation is very simple because the card only needs to be inserted into the slot on the motherboard and screwed on firmly. This card requires no additional power connection or other special power supply.

The fan is quiet and the heat generation is very moderate. Running in a test computer (Windows 10) the card creates permanently 80 FPS (Frames Per Second) with “ULTRA” graphics setup . From 30 FPS onwards, the eye will notice the simulation running smoothly.

User graphics cards

The list below shows graphic cards used by our customers successfully. This list should help you in choosing a new PC or a video card. However, this list is not exhaustive! A guarantee of successful operation on different operating systems (and needed graphics card drivers) can not be given. Please always double check on the manufacturer’s website if there are actual graphics card drivers for your operating system available.

GeForce graphics cards for Windows Desktop-PCs:

GTX-545, GTX-560, GTX-610, GTX-630, GTX-650, GTX-660, GTX-680, GTX-680MX, GTX-750, GTX-780Ti, GTX-820, GTX-970, GTX 970 4GB G-Sync, GeForce 9500 GT

AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards for Windows Desktop-PCs: R7 200 Series, R7 370, R7 370, R9 290.

Some users experienced smooth performance with an onboard Intel HD-4600 graphics processor or higher, other users have experienced sluggish performance with Intel-HD. Hence, we do not recommend Intel-HD anymore.

GeForce graphics cards for Windows Notebooks: GTX-460-M, GTX-650-M , GTX-670-M, GTX-750-M, GTX-840-M, GTX-860-M, GTX-980-M

AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards for Windows Notebooks: HD 5800 Series, HD 8850-M

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