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Troubleshooting - tm.log

The most important resource for troubleshooting is the simulator's log file C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Aerofly FS 4\tm.log inside the user-folder of the Aerofly FS 4.

On Mac it should be located in Macintosh HD⁩/Users⁩/…/Library⁩/Containers⁩/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-4-mac/⁨Data⁩/⁨Library/Application Support⁩/Aerofly FS 4

This file is a text file that logs all events during the Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator execution. It contains warnings and errors that might be generated when the new aircraft is loaded.

Simulator Crashes

The tm.log file can be opened by any text-editor and will contain important information about the cause of the crash, usually towards the end of the file. Any “WARNING:” or “ERROR:” messages should be payed attention to. Often the issue can already be resolved by the user by looking at the tm.log file.

When the Aerofly FS 4 Flight Simulator application crashes the IPACS support team
(mail (at) can help better when a copy of the tm.log is attached to an e-mail to them.

Simulator Not Starting

Check if your system meets the minimum system requirements.

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. You can find the latest graphics card drivers on the webpages of your graphics card manufacturer. The automatic driver search of Windows may not return the latest drivers.

Also make sure the correct graphics card is being used if you have multiple graphics cards or an Intel HD Graphics chip and a dedicated graphics card. Use the appropriate graphics card settings for this.

We recommend to not create specific graphics card profiles for the use of Aerofly FS. Aerofly usually runs well with default settings and manually changing them could cause issues that we cannot replicate on our side.

To reset the settings delete the main.mcf file in your user documents directory Aerofly FS 4 folder. Then try starting the simulator again. Please see the Main Configuration File wiki page.


Please visit our official IPACS Forum and use the search function to see if any other users are experiencing similar issues. The solution to most issues can be found there!

And if the IPACS forum search doesn't seem to yield results you can contact our support team via:

  • Contact Form on our official website or
  • via mail (mail (at)
Please include the tm.log file is possible and your system specifications, Aerofly FS version so that we can locate issues faster.
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