Update Prepared for Landing!

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    An update is heading your way that will bring you the Buecker Jungmeister Bu 133.

    This is a fun aircraft to fly. We are sure that you will enjoy this new free aircraft.

    This update also includes more performance enhancements that will provide even better performance in highly populated cities such as Chicago, LOWI, Colorado, and New York.

    Also, all aircraft have received internal updates so a new DR 400 and SDK tools are required. Be sure to update these from our downloads section.

    For a complete list of changes, see our official Aerofly CHANGELOG

    More new features will be coming your way shortly so be sure to check back often.

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    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • All these toys for Christmas: New aircraft, cultivation, Rodeo's airport tutorials and we've only just had Colorado. You guys are on fire! And for VR flyers shortly we'll get the new Oculus Dash home environment which should allow us to include windows in cockpit to view a PDF,

  • Ipacs - this is GREAT, not only the new aircraft which brings a lot of new fun and a stunning performance (landscape is mirrored on the surface) but I also recognize a much better performance even in New York.

    In other words - you made me happy ... AGAIN.

    Thanks a lot!!

  • great job ! Just a little question : is it me or in Zurich or Geneva there are not anymore taxiway blue lights during night ? Could it be related to new shaders ?

    Anyway, great job !

    I think there have never been any taxiway lights.

    Best regards,


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    Taxiway lights were just recently introduced but only in areas that are using the new cultivation process. We will gradually add more cultivated areas as time goes on.

  • Jeff, while I always appreciate every update that comes our way I must say that I am experiencing a decrease in performance of about 15 fps or so in cockpit view in some areas depending on the view. I've changed nothing in my settings and tested several aircraft, though my plane of preference is the C172.

    I have version and 20171123; re-booted my system and tested Chicago, NY and my home area with cultivation. Also have latest drivers of course.

    I am confused; though I don't normally turn the FPS counter on as I don't chase framerates, I have checked FPS from time to time in the newest scenery areas with cultivation just to check performance. I won't list a bunch of numbers but I am certain that my FPS has gone down, not up with this update, and that has surprised me.

    Just wanted to advise you of what I'm seeing, and get your thoughts or ideas on this. Getting ready for Thanksgiving festivities, but will check this out later.

    BTW, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Just want to add to the post by KenR297. My first thought with the update was the same. I cannot compare FPS, but flying the Cessna over Los Angeles, view in outside mode, I did notice a slight jerkiness where there was smoothness before. I do run an old system that barely allows me 26 FPS at best, on medium settings, so any change in the use of resources will likely be noticed. No, this is not a complaint (a new system soon), but I thought I would mention it because of the other Ken's post.

    This does bring up a point though. As the platform advances in various ways, if an update pushes the limit of a person's computer, can they go back to the previous version they were happy with, or are they stuck with whatever update steam sends their way?

    - Kenneth

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    Kenneth, first we need to really check if performance indeed decreased. One can get fooled by subjective perception quite easily in case of FPS as lots of factor influence it.

    If more people confirm your observation, we will of course look into it and try to fix it.

    That being said, no its not possible to revert back to an older version ( it would be a nightmare for us ).

    If your system indeed only renders 26 fps, you might have a really old system or you might have graphics settings, that hit a certain limit, e.g. Aerofly exceeds your graphic card memory.

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    Just to add more perspective on what you should be seeing in terms of FPS.

    I'm getting just a bit over 253 FPS flying the Q400 on one of my older testing machines; a laptop with a GTX970m.

    This as captured running all graphics settings on Ultra in 2D mode.

    In ultra heavy cultivation over New York I'm seeing over 170 FPS in the worst conditions. In VR with a 1080ti GPU I have solid 90 FPS everywhere with maximum quality (even Insane shadows) . If anyone is seeing FPS any less than 100 FPS even on an older machine you should take a good look at your configuration.

  • Hi Admin.

    I am not suggesting that IPACS revert to a previous version, rather, that there be some system whereby a user can revert back to an earlier version. This might be worth arranging with Steam.

    And yes, this is a seven year old computer. It is so old I cannot even update the drivers on the graphics card as they don't support it any longer! I have been glad to even see AF2 working at all. but it is pushing its luck.

    - Kenneth

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    Time to get a new PC for Christmas :)

    If you do, go for the gold; i7, 1080ti GPU, 32GB memory, and an Oculus Rift (or Vive)

  • Great to see some changes to the King Air. I love the King Air but have felt in AFS2 it lacks a bit in its flight mechanics. And amazing to see you guys continue to improve overall performance.

    - Ashley

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