Major Update Approaching Gate!

  • Has anyone else noticed that the Controller Setup (Settings/controls menu) now has a section for HELICOPTER controls? Maybe this is a good sign for that R22.

    First thing I noticed. But then we knew the heli was incoming, so I wasn't really surprised....

    Devons rig

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  • So, over SF, in my Rift I get 45fps on OpenGL, suggesting the ASW has kicked in. Switching over to Vulkan, I get the full 90 on my GTX1070! I did notice it seemed easier to grab controllers in VR, which is good too. Noticable better sound in the C172. One small issue I have if I press the "Oculus" button to get into the view manager in VR, the view manger screen (the one that shows the two controllers and what the buttons do) flickers between each eye. Happens both on OpenGL and Vulckan mode. Otherwise, I'm loving the HUD in the Q400, still much to explore!

  • Has anyone else noticed that the Controller Setup (Settings/controls menu) now has a section for HELICOPTER controls? Maybe this is a good sign for that R22.

    Quick reverse throttle input choice?

    For a normal sense physical joystick-device throttle movement 'up' (which could be increase or decrease throttle in normal use, depending on the hardware layout) to give Aero collective 'increase'. I have XPlanes 9 in mobile and PC, the mobile slider gives down to increase collective (!) and it really is horrible. The PC version's collective can be reversed which suits my ancient Saitek AV8R joystick.

    I'm sure you have this covered.

    Could slider 'up' do collective if you ever release the R-22 in Aerofly FS2 mobile?, (PC users still use and love mobile, the silence in the mobile forum does not mean that it is not used, it is just that no information comes out of Tübingen).

  • Thank you for confirming this, now I don't need to search for a but in the A320, it has to do with the reverse axis on my new type of control input.

    Just wondering if you can give me even more specific details on how you mapped your throttle and reverse?
    - do you have several throttle axes for throttle 1 though 4 or for nr 1 and ( 2, 3, 4 )?

    - do you have only one reverse axis or do you have multiple?

    Jan, thanks for your questions.

    - Throttle axis mapped for 1 to 4, all four.

    - Reverse axis, multiple, all four.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Ed

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    A new setting was made so that everyone has the option to turn lens flare off. The one under Virtual Reality will be removed soon through an update.

    For now, just make sure they are both set the same to avoid a conflict.

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  • First, again let me say that the update is most welcome and appreciated. I can now fly using OpenGL in VR over Chicago with the internal SS set to 2.0. I haven't been able to do that since November when something was "tweaked" and I had to lower the SS to 1.6. Also, the fact that those of us with tons of home-made airports and cultivation don't have long loading times any more is wonderful. It's just like before we started adding all of that home made new content. And I haven't even begun to explore the majority of the aircraft upgrades. I am a happy camper.

    I have a 1080ti, 32G of memory, am running an 8700k, and I get much better performance with the new tweaked OpenGL than I do with the new Vulkan option. Is there a logical reason for that? Also, Vulkan does not seem to work with the Vive. With the Oculus it works, but not as well as OpenGL does, and it absolutely HATES any clouds being present. Does Vulkan look any better than OpenGL, or only when the advanced AA is enabled? When I enable advanced AA with the Oculus my framerates go way down, so it is a non starter for me. Any ideas why my machine might like OpenGL so much better than Vulkan?

    Thanks Again


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    The only real advantage to Vulkan is performance. It won't improve graphics quality at all however using the High Quality AA will. In testing I ran a ton of different graphics configurations over the 4 PC's and laptops that I have solely for testing Aerofly and I got a whole gamut of different FPS results.

    I do also have an i7 8700 with a 1080Ti GPU system and have found the same result with OpenGL. Yes, OpenGL has improved greatly and I only see an improvement with Vulkan when running it WITHOUT the High Quality AA.

    One of my tests yielded this result:

    2D Laptop

    i7-6700HQ (2.60Ghz), 32 GB memory, GTX 980m, Windows 10

    fully updated, latest drivers and firmware

    OpenGL vs. Vulkan FPS Comparison

    Limit framerate - Off (to show true FPS)

    All graphics settings on ULTRA (except tree density - medium)

    Aircraft chosen for test - Cessna

    Location - LaGuardia Airport (NY), Runway 4

    Vulkan rendering settings:

    High AA - ON

    Idle (sitting on runway) - FPS 120

    After Takeoff - FPS 140

    Turned towards NY skyline (fully in view) - FPS 104

    High AA - OFF

    Idle (sitting on runway) - FPS 145

    After Takeoff - FPS 169

    Turned towards NY skyline (fully in view) - FPS 125

    OpenGL rendering settings:

    High AA - OFF

    Idle (sitting on runway) - FPS 138

    After Takeoff - FPS 150

    Turned towards NY skyline (fully in view) - FPS 110

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    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
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  • Interesting.... I have been dying to try out Vulkan on my machine. Unfortinately it is like a 100*F here today, and I turned the sun porch into my sim room. It is like 120*+F out there. I hope it cools down as evening approaches.

    My setup is: Asus Prime Z270-A with i7 7700k, GTX 1080 and 16GB. Similar, but not exact. I am curious if the non Ti board likes Vulkan better or not.

  • As keen as I am to test run the beta, the World Cup is really good this time and I still need eight hours from bottle to throttle.

    I'm really sad that Germany went out of the competition last Wednesday but our friends put two good shifts in on Thursday and Friday.

  • I've updated and the changes are fantastic - I run an overclocked i7 with a 1080ti and vulcan/AA seems to be working very well.

    Night lighting in VR is massively improved - no more large blur and everything is more defined - I especially love the HUD in the Q400.

    I wondered how complicated it would be to change cultivation lights on roads into streetlights, similar to other sims?

    Currently the floating lights work fine, however, attached to streetlights with a glow onto the roads would look great.

  • After reading the above request for streetlights, I have been meaning to ask if the exterior lights on the aircraft are on anyone’s list for improvement. The B737-500 really looks strange sitting on the runway at night with Landing Lights blazing with no trace of light touching the concrete.

    I remember when the main line sims first got the new lights. Those images illuminating the runway numbers when flaring was something to behold. I look forward to seeing them added to AFS2 one day.



  • Dynamic lighting hasn't been implemented yet by the looks of it. That's what would bring street lights that shine and exterior aircraft lights. Hopefully the Vulkan update will mean that this can now be worked on. It would be particularly amazing to have dynamic lighting on street lights while maintaining high and smooth FPS.

    - Ashley

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