Duchess 76 for AeroflyFS 2 - Service Pack

  • Hi everyone,

    Just a heads up for anyone who may have missed it that a service pack for the Duchess 76 is now available. Here's a change log covering what's included:



    - Fixed the contact points for the wheels and the ground

    - Removed glossiness from outside

    - Rear-left door opening animation

    - Added click object for opening the doors from outside (front-left, front-right, rear-left)

    - Added Chocks

    - Added Tie down

    - Added a little reflection on the fuselage


    - Added GNS430 GPS

    - Corrected artificial horizon behaviour

    - Solved VR yoke movement, when holding with right hand

    - Solved issue that primer button triggered twice

    - Fixed control directions

    - Gyro CW/CCW switch direction solve

    - Rudder and aileron trim fixes

    - Updated TMC description

    - Starter switch goes back to both after 3-5 sec

    - Intercom switches are now working

    - Magnetic compass fix

    - The pilot moved back a little bit for better view

    - Removed the registration code from the right metal plate

    - Added control and animation for sun visors

    - Added pilot book to the aircraft with the ability to:

    • Reload the fuel
    • Reload the battery
    • Set the chocks
    • Tie down the aircraft

    - Added VR controls for

    • Yokes
    • Trims
    • Fuel selectors
    • Cowl Flaps
    • Flaps arm
    • Carb heats
    • Sun visors
    • SLV

    - Checked and fixed VR control direction for almost everything

    - DME remaining time is showing the right data

    - In C&D mode the front-left door is slightly opened

    - In the air, the door is closing automatically depending on the aircraft’s speed

    - Updated the brake to not only accept fully pushed or fully released states

    - Transponder object animations are always working

    - Changed the HDG knob outer circle color to fit the others

    - Added one more click spot for the left window


    - Improved engine sound not only depending on the RPM, but the manifold pressure also

    - Improved door sound

    - Improved magneto knob sounds

    - Added missing sound for HDG knob



  • This is a fantastic service pack! Really enjoying it. Some of the things that broke the immersion in the original have been sorted and many really nice updates have been included. Go tie downs and chocks! Thanks to all who worked on this to bring such quality to FS2 in a 3rd party aircraft and for their continued support of the Aerofly platform. :thumbup:

  • Loads of great new features. Some questions though. Has anyone worked these out?

    Emergency landing gear extension - I lifted the flap and turned the knob. Finally realised it was cutting the fuel supply. Surely not right?

    Also should manifold pressure stay showing 30 with everything switched off?

    Finally where do I look to see what happens when I click battery recharge?

  • Great update, but the parking brake doesn’t work at my place, am I the only one?

    The same for me.

    I also have the problem that the full indicators show 'no fuel' when turn on the battery switch. The full indicators show 'full fuel' as son as the engine has started.

    Their is also a problem with the sound of flaps if flaps are assigned to a joystick axis. You hear the sound only when the flaps are extended from Up to 10°.

    I have already reported this to Just Flight.

  • You all know that the book on the copilots seat can control the fuel and battery? (As well as checks and tiedowns)

    Devons rig

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  • I'm probably being a bit silly here, but where is the service pack? I'm not seeing it on my account on Just Flight..

    JF does not make it easy to understand. You simply redownload your purchase and if they have added an update that is what you will receive. Just check the size of the exe file before and after to see that the file has been changed.

  • +1

    I'm probably being a bit silly here, but where is the service pack? I'm not seeing it on my account on Just Flight..

    It's a completely new installer, not a patch, not a service pack that you can install on top of the existing version in your computer. Previous posts are confusing. You should download the new installer in case you bought the Duchess before last week, uninstall your existing Duchess and re-install everything using the new version already downloaded. That's all!.

    Cheers, Ed

  • Thank you so much. :thumbup:

    Is it possible to get Just Flight's airplanes compatible with Logitech / Saitek Pro flight radio panel (such as AFS2's default airplanes) :?:

    The radio panel is working fine for me, however they do seem to be switched around, e.g. if I change the frequency for Nav 2 on the Saitek panel, it updates Nav 1 in the sim but, apart from that, works a treat. Also mostly working with the multi- and switch panels.